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Icon Lethargy
Description: You're only awake for 4h per day, but even in that short time, you can achieve miracles!
  • You will restore 3 Action Point every consecutive cycle in bed after you've slept for at least 4 cycles in a row.
  • The maximum Action Point in your gauge is doubled.
Learned by: Icon Chun 5 If Icon Mush: N/A

Lethargy is a skill which provides Icon Chun with an Action Point boost as long as she gets uninterrupted rest on a bed or Icon Swedish Sofa, as well as doubling her Action Point gauge. That way she can save up a whopping 24 Action Point and then power through any given task.

(Getting up only once every day in the same cycle will make her gain 20 Action Point from sleep as opposed to 16 Action Point. - A bonus on par with other personal Action Point-saving skills like Icon IT Expert. Resting the maximum of 9 cycles every time nets slightly more.)

The downside is that she basically has to do this in order to use this skill most effectively, as getting up more often means more cycles spent without the bonus. Saving them up all day also means that it will take longer until the ship can benefit from those Action Point.
But it does work well for players who cannot log in very often, and can be of great benefit when piloting.

The need to be lying down for entire days, combined with the need to be present in the laboratory for certain Research projects, means that a (spare) Icon Swedish Sofa being built there serves a lethargic Chun very well.

Affected actions

Lie Down (Bed, Icon Swedish Sofa)

  • Restores 3 Action Point (rather than 2 Action Point) per cycle after you've spent at least 4 cycles in a row lying down.
    • Performing any action will break the chain.

General effects

  • The Action Point maximum is increased by 12 Action Point.
    • Bonuses given by Purchased Gold Project Noise Reducer are not doubled, so the highest possible Action Point capacity is 26. Points over the regular maximum will display in a shaded pink color on top of the regular gauge.
Lethargy in action. Click for full size view.