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During a Mush journey, the players have several personal resources at their disposal. Managing them properly is a key factor in victory.

Action Points


Action Points Action Point is one of the main resource of a character. They correspond to time / energy that are used to perform actions (or even attempt to). Most actions cost 1-2 Action Point, but there are also more complex actions that require more. Action Point can be converted to Movement Point, but not vice versa. In some cases Action Point usage can be reduced or increased by specific items, skills or character traits. Action points are capped at 12 Action Point. This can be further increased by Icon Lethargy or the Noise Reducer.


Each character regenerates 1 Action Point at the beginning of each cycle. If a character sleeps when a cycle changes that character regenerates 1 additional Action Point. There are skills and character traits that can affect points regeneration both negatively and positively. Another way to regain some Action Point is to eat, drink or take pills (pills have randomly assigned properties at the beginning of a game — it's not advised to take any without knowledge their effects). Accepting a mission from the commander grants 3 Action Point.

Increased difficulty

Spending Action Point or free points such as will increase the overall difficulty of the ship by increasing the likelihood of negative events like fires, room shakes, etc. Therefore actions like using the Icon MAD Kube are unadvisable. Sometimes it can be better to let Action Point or free points such as Pa cook.png overflow and save them for when they are needed instead of using them on an action with little to no gain.

Skill-specific Action Points

Some of the actions can be performed by spending special skill-specific APs, instead of general Action Point. These special points are given to characters with specific skills at a daily basis. They can be spend only on skill related jobs in 1 to 1 ratio - one action (attempt) per point. Special APs are consumed prior to normal Action Point. Characters can have a maximum of 2 days of skill APs.

Name Comes
Appliance Gain per day
Tech Points Technician Can be spent on repairing and dismantling +1Pa eng.png
Gardening Points Botanist Can be spent on plants related jobs: hybridizing, treating, watering +2Pa garden.png
project points
Designer Can be spent on NERON projects +2Pa core.png
IT action points IT Expert/Polymath Can be spent on accessible terminals +2Pa comp.png/+1Pa comp.png
Heal Points Nurse Can be spent to heal crew members +1Pa heal.png
Pilgred Points Physicist Can be spent on repairing Pilgred +1Pa pilgred.png
Shooting Points Shooter Can be spent on firing weapons (mounted or manual) +2Pa shoot.png
Cooking Points Chef Can be spent on cooking food +4Pa cook.png

Movement Points


Movement points Movement Point are used to move between rooms of the ship (moving within rooms is free). Passing a door costs 1 Movement Point. The exception is Terrence Archer, which moves for free if there is a person in a room he leaves. As with Action Point, movement points are capped at 12 Movement Point.


At the beginning of each cycle one Movement Point is recovered. Movement Points can also be obtained through conversion of Action Point Action Points. The conversion takes place automatically when a character moves to another room while not having any Movement Point but having at least 1 Action Point. 1 Action Point is converted to 3 Movement Point. The Movement Point regeneration and conversion rates can be affected by: character traits, Illnesses, items and Ship Equipment. Certain medicines and consumables like Icon Dose of Anabolics, Icon Motivator and the Thalasso are other ways to obtain Movement Point.

Glory Points

More info Main article: Glory.


XP Experience Points are account wide points that are earned though playing and used to level up various characters available in Mush. They are not bound to any character until they are used. You can use XP to level up any of the 18 human characters or invest them into new Icon Mush skills.

Gaining XP

On every cycle change you gain 1 XP (or 2 XP if you're playing in Icon Gold Mode).

The Welcome Pack gives you a one-time bonus of 80 XP.

The Purchased Gold Project SNC Kitchen also gives you a 6% chance to get +1 XP at the start of cycle 6 and +2 XP at the start of cycle 7.

Experience Table

The following table is an overview showing how much XP is needed to progress characters to certain levels.

Note that gaining a level makes new skills available to choose from. However, since in most cases human skills are selected at the very beginning, and cannot be changed, it is generally not useful to level up the current character while in game. Two exceptions are The Mush (whose skills are often selected only when needed), and the guard action which requires to be of level at least 3.

Human Icon Mush
1 - 1 - 7 120 XP 13 240 XP
2 5 XP 2 4 XP 8 140 XP 14 260 XP
3 50 XP 3 25 XP 9 160 XP 15 280 XP
4 200 XP 4 50 XP 10 180 XP 16 300 XP
5 250 XP 5 75 XP 11 200 XP 17 350 XP
6 500 XP 6 100 XP 12 220 XP 18 400 XP
Total: 1005 XP Total: 3104 XP