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Icon Pyromaniac
Description: The pyromaniac injects explosive microspores into an inflammable medium which triggers a violent combustion which is liable to do long-term damage to the ship.
  • For 4 Action Point, start a fire in your current room.
Learned by: Icon Mush 16 If Icon Mush: Only

Being a Pyromaniac allows you to start fires at will. Doing so costs 4 Action Point and has a 100% success chance.

The action is Icon Secret, so it will not be logged when you are alone. However, the fire will be announced immediately by NERON - which is a dead giveaway for arson unless it happens on cycle change, so timing is crucial.

If yours is the only fire, it can also be deduced from the logs (or the Fire Detector) that you were present in the room when it started, so you will need an excuse not to report or extinguish it immediately.

If you are planning to go on a fiery rampage, it may be a good idea to combo it with Icon Phagocyte in order to sustain your fire-starting abilities, or/and Icon Transfer for a second Action Point bar worth of fires.

Besides starting fires, your main goal will be to prevent the crew from fighting them:
Without Icon Extinguishers (steal/dismantle/hide) or a blueprint thereof (which happens to be very flammable), the crew will have to put their hopes in a Icon Firefighter's chances of extinguishing them manually (especially low when he's dead), upgraded fire-fighting drones (Icon Green Jelly works wonders on those), or sheer luck with sprinklers.

Good rooms to start fires in:

  • Bridge - Disturb communications, movement or planet scans, destroy Xyloph plans and books.
  • Lab - Usually the plants are there, as well as the apron. And the Gravity Simulator.
  • Refectory - Destroy rations and break the coffee machine
  • Centre Storages - Broken oxygen tanks always help, and won't be announced. Also harder to find.
  • Dorms - Hurts people and blocks beds unless it can be extinguished. Can break the shower.
  • Nexus - A broken BIOS after making some changes (e.g. Icon Bypass) can prevent the crew from getting the Magnetic Net so they cannot return you if you take off with the Icon Extinguishers. Broken NERON helps too, and the fire is harder to find.
  • Engine room - Great damage potential with 3 engines and the combustion chamber (hamper or prevent ship movement). Also Planet Scanner + Antenna.

Neron will announce a fire if Icon Defacer was used in a room.

General Effects

  • New action: 4 Action Point Start a fire
    • Target: None
    • Effect: Start a fire in curent room.
    • Icon Secret log: Hey... it's getting hot in here... [name] set the place on fire...