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Icon Polyvalent
Description: You have skills, they're always useful...
Learned by: Icon Andie 3 If Icon Mush: Kept

Polyvalent is one of Icon Andie's key skills which lets him/her compete in productivity with the missing Icon Finola. Since, without Finola, the crew lacks a primary, dedicated researcher, the Icon Biologist bonus allows Andie to take up Finola's mantle labcoat.

Polyvalent is also the cheapest way (in terms of XP) to acquire a Icon Diplomat for Exploration purposes, which considerably increases a given ship's chances to find Icon Starmap Fragments and reach Eden.

Polyvalent is the best skill for enhancing trading; the bonus from Icon Diplomat and Icon Botanist can be combined on one person, instead of on Icon Finola/Icon Janice and Icon Ian/Icon Hua separately.

Affected actions

2 Action Point Participate (Research Lab):

  • +4-6% bonus to efficiency on all research.

2 Action Point Participate (NERON's Core): Icon Confirm: Please confirm NERON being affected.

  • Bonus to efficiency on NERON Projects:
    • Convenient Sink
    • Oxygenated Ducts
    • Extra Hydropots
    • Heat Lamps
    • Hydroponic Incubator

Affected items


  • Effects of consumption can be read.


  • Effects of consumption can be read.


  • Can view Fruit Productivity (fruit per day).
  • Can view O2 Productivity (oxygen per day).
  • Can view how many cycles are left before the plant matures.

General effects

Icon Note: Polyvalent does not allow you to cast a Ceasefire or to gain daily Gardening Point.