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The heart and soul of your character, Skills determine your unique powers and abilities in Mush. Skills enable you to perform special actions, or grant you certain passive bonuses that can determine the success of the Magellan project, depending on how they are used.

Characters initially have a selection of about 5 to 6 Skills available, which can be unlocked by spending XP Experience on the character and then selected during the game. Once a Skill has been chosen, it will remain until the end of the round and cannot be re-picked until then. How many Skills can be active at the same time depends on the player's active Game Mode (1 for Icon Bronze, 2 for Icon Silver and 4 for Icon Gold).

Players on the side of Icon The Mush have an additional, secondary set of Skills with its own, separate XP curve and Skill Slots at their disposal. To balance things out, they lose the ability to use some of their previous Skills; these are marked as Lost if Icon Mush in the below tables. If you play as Icon Mush and the crew turns you back to human with the injection of the Icon Retro-Fungal Serum, you will get the choice of re-picking your character's skills.

Characters may also acquire an additional human skill through the usage of a Icon Mage Book. The new skill will be added in its own skill slot instead of taking up an existing one, allowing to surpass the character's natural limit. Only one Mage Book skill can be acquired by a character.

List of Skills

Icon Note: Any "TODO" information that you have to fill in should be entered directly into the specific skill page. This table only pulls information from there.

Human Skills

More info Main article: Characters.

The inventive crew of the Daedalus is comprised of masters of their trades, some of them also jacks of several. Between the 16 men and women on the ship, various roles from petty to vital are in good hands.

To view these skills by character, please refer to the Characters page. To view standard actions, see actions.

Skill Description Learned by: If Icon Mush:
Icon Antique Perfume Ah yesh they knew how to make real perfumesh in Fraigonard'sh boutiquesh in Nineteen Shixty Shixsh...
  • Every time you shower, you will be immune from contaminations for 2 cycles.
Icon Frieda 6 Kept
Icon Apprentice By attentively watching what their mentor does, the apprentice can quicky pick up the same knowledge and actions.
  • Enables the action Apprenticeship which allows them to copy a skill possessed by a player present in the room, once per game.
Icon Stephen 5 Kept
Icon Astrophysicist Skilled in scanning for planets in range or to determine their composition.
  • The Planet Scan action discovers 2 zones per Analyze action.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
  • Icon Undocumented: The Scan action costs 1 Action Point less.
Icon Frieda 1
Icon Gioele 4
Icon Kuan Ti 3
Icon Mage Book
Icon Biologist Highly skilled in laboratory research. Icon Finola 1
Icon Ian 2
Icon Paola 4
Icon Mage Book
Icon Botanist Capable of distinguishing the characteristics of the various plants and fruits. They are also equally effective when maintaining the garden.
  • Can read the fruit nutrition information.
  • Can read plant properties..
  • Can carry out transplants.
  • +2 Gardening Point per day (Gardening action points).
  • Expedition: The harvest action gives an additional fruit.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Icon Ian 1
Icon Hua 2
Icon Mage Book
Icon Caffeine Junkie The caffeine junkie is twice as effective as their colleagues when they have access to the coffee machine.
  • +2 Action Point AP when they drink a Coffee.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Icon Gioele 3 Lost
Icon Chef Formidable when it comes to knocking meals together. They also have an impressive awareness of what you should eat.
  • Can read the food nutrition information.
  • Can read the fruit nutrition information.
  • +4 Cook Point per day (Cook action points).
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Icon Stephen 1
Icon Mage Book
Icon Cold Blooded In space, anything can and does happen. Knowing how to keep calm is extremely useful.
  • Earns 3 Pa slot1.png AP every time a team mate dies.
Icon Jin Su 3 Lost
Icon Confident Discreet and loyal, you share everyone's pain and as such have the sympathy of the whole crew...
  • Once per day, the other players can confide in you, and in doing so they'll reveal their last X actions where X is your stock of Morale. In doing so, they'll earn 2 Morale.
Icon Andie 4 Kept
Icon Crazy Eye There is no way to take you by surprise. You foresee all attacks from your enemies as well as those from your so-called allies.
  • All aggressive actions targeting you cost an additional 2 Action Point
Icon Chao 5 Kept
Icon Creative Sometimes you need to think outside the box
  • Every time you fail in an attempt to do something, there is a 50% chance of regaining 1 Action Point.
Icon Roland 6
Icon Stephen 6
Icon Designer Has access to NERON's core twice per day (Free Actions).
  • +2 NERON Project Point per day (NERON project action points).
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Icon Kuan Ti 1
Icon Raluca 5
Icon Detached Crewmember The unconcerned crewmember is cold, hard, and unfeeling. They are unaffected by deaths of teammates.
  • You lose no Morale Points (Moral.png) when a crewmember dies.
  • Zero risk of psychological illness if you witness a death.
Icon Raluca 2 Lost
Icon Devotion In the heat of the action, we can count on you
  • You earn an additional 3 Action Point when you accept a mission.
Icon Andie 2 Kept
Icon Determined Once they begin their task, nothing can distract the determined player
  • If an action fails, the % chance of subsequent success increases more rapidly
Icon Eleesha 2
Icon Hua 5
Icon Diplomat A good diplomat knows how to communicate effectively with extra-terrestrials.
  • Eliminates the chance of encountering hostility from extra-terrestrials.
  • Can declare a ceasefire once per game.
Icon Finola 4
Icon Janice 4
Icon Mage Book
Icon Expert Your skills are impressive, but your disregard for your own safety is equally so!
  • Your chances of succeeding at a particular task are increased by 20% but so is the likelihood of injury and getting Icon Dirty.
Icon Andie 5 Kept
Icon Firefighter The Firefighter has great experience which means they will always succeed when using the extinguisher.
  • The Extinguish Fire action is always successful.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Icon Derek 3
Icon Roland 4
Icon Ian 5
Icon Mage Book
Icon Frugivore You terrorize fruits, you adore them, they are your drug. When you make eye contact with a fruit, it over-ripens before you... Icon Ian 6 Lost
Icon Genius When divinely enlighted by the flame of consciousness, the genius can find a solution to any problem encountered aboard the Daedalus.
  • The genius can carry out one piece of Resarch, one Project, or one Repair once per game.
Icon Raluca 4 Kept
Icon Green Thumb Plants grow naturally in your presence, you only require to speak to them with a languishing gaze for them to bear beautiful fruit.
  • Begins the game with an additional two pots.
  • Hybrids made by the Green Thumb start with a short growth cycle.
Icon Ian 4 Kept
Icon Gunner At least someone will show them how it's done
  • Double the damages from you turret shoots.
  • Double the odd of touching ennemies with turrets.
Icon Paola 6 Kept
Icon Intimidating When Chao stares at them with bloodlust in his eyes, even Mush can become paralyzed with fear.
  • Spend 1 Action Point to intimidate another crewmember, who will lose 2 Action Point and 4 Movement Point.
Icon Chao 6 Kept
Icon IT Expert The IT Expert is at home as soon as they are in front of a screen. They manipulate the nexus, navigation and communications terminals with ease.
  • +2 Pa comp.png per day (IT Action Points).
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
  • Chances of success are improved with the Icon Hacker Kit
Icon Janice 2
Icon Eleesha 4
Icon Frieda 4
Icon Terrence 5
Icon Mage Book
Icon Leader A charismatic leader knows how to effectively lead a team and increase morale using powerful, passionate speeches.
  • Gives the action Motivational Speech which increases the Morale (Morale) of your crewmates.
Icon Jin Su 1

Icon Kuan Ti 5

Icon Lethargy You're only awake for 4h per day, but even in that short time, you can achieve miracles!
  • You will restore 3 Action Point every consecutive cycle in bed after you've slept for at least 4 cycles in a row.
  • The maximum Action Point in your gauge is doubled.
Icon Chun 5 N/A
Icon Logistics Expert You personally oversee the organisation of every task aboard the Daedalus in order to maximize the efficiency of every one of your teammates.
  • Every cycle, 1 Pa slot1.png is given randomly to a crewmate in the same room as you.
Icon Paola 2

Icon Jin Su 5 Icon Mage Book

Icon Mankind's only hope Her unique immune system makes her the last hope for humanity. As long as she stays alive, we'll have a shot at combating the Mush invasion
  • Daily morale loss is reduced by 1 point
Icon Chun 1 N/A
Icon Medic Medics have full medical training, allowing them to carry out rapid, appropriate procedures. They are also skilled in surgery
  • Heal actions earn an additional 2 Lp.png.
  • Can carry out Operations.
  • Can read properties of medicines.
  • +4% bonus' on all laboratory Research.
Icon Finola 2

Icon Mage Book

Icon Metalworker It seems pretty clear that you're a really productive person.
  • Daily if you find yourself in a Warehouse, you have a chance of finding scraps or better for 0 Action Point.
Icon Terrence 6 Kept
Icon Motivator Bla bla bla... Whatever
  • For 2AP you can give a motivation speech wich give 3MP to everyone in the room.
Icon Derek 4 Kept
Icon Mycologist The mycologist can treat fungal infections in the Medlab or using a Medikit
  • When you heal a crewmate, they automatically lose a spore
Icon Ian 3 Lost
Icon NERON's only friend As soon as you are aboard the ship, NERON is content, its programs run without a hitch and its performance is noticeably improved.
  • The rewards from all NEXUS research are maximized for everyone.
Icon Janice 3 Kept
Icon Nurse Always ready to help
  • +1 Pa heal.png every day (Free healing action)
  • Can read properties of medicines
Icon Chun 2

Icon Finola 3

Icon Observant You use 1 Action Point less to discover hidden objects. You have a 25% chance of detecting covert activity in the room you are in.
  • The Search action costs 1 Action Point less.
  • You have a 25% chance of detecting covert activity in your room.
Icon Eleesha 3 Kept
Icon OCD Your work is clean, very clean, getting cleaner, ever cleaner. You are genuinely obsessed by cleanliness, but this has its advantages.
  • You will never make a mess carrying out any tasks aboard the ship
Icon Finola 5 Kept
Icon Opportunist The opportunist waits for any chance to ascend in the ship's hierarchy, they will miss no opportunity
  • +5 Action Point when you earn a title for the first time
Icon Stephen 3 Lost
Icon Panic Seeing the Mush take over his beloved ship drives Gioele to his limits.
  • Gives 1 Action Point and 1 Movement Point in each cycle in which at least half the crew are Mush.
Icon Gioele 5 Lost
Icon Paranoid The paranoid crewmember always believes their crewmates to be potentially dangerous, they always watch their back using their extra cameras.
  • Starts out with 2 additional Cameras.
Icon Gioele 2 Kept
Icon Physicist The Physicist is a high flier in the field of physics research. Their understanding of quantum mechanics and even the essence of the strings that make up our universe is their major talent. They also have the advantage when repairing PILGRED.
  • Gives 1 PILGRED Repair Point (PILGRED repair point) per day
  • Bonus for repairing PILGRED
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Icon Raluca 1 Kept
Icon Pilot An expert in manoeuvring the Icarus, Pasiphae and Patroller craft. Their aerial mastery is impressive.
  • Has Mad Pilot Skills.
  • Never misses landings or takeoffs.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Icon Andie 1
Icon Hua 1
Icon Frieda 2
Icon Jin Su 2
Icon Roland 2
Icon Terrence 3
Icon Mage Book
Icon Politician Either they are with you or against you.
  • Unique: For 3 Action Point vyou(sic) can declare a Coup at the Nexus. On next cycle, NERON will consider as the new commander.
Icon Kuan Ti 6 Kept
Icon Polymath Knowledge is always moving, state is overrated.
  • +2 private channels
  • +1 IT Point per day.
  • -10% to all you action tries.
Icon Eleesha 6 Kept
Icon Polyvalent You have skills, they're always useful... Icon Andie 3 Kept
Icon Premonition Your intuition never fails, you can see the most recent activities of a teammate in the form of a vivid flashback. It's practical, but gives you a monster headache!
  • You can see the last action of a teammate. This action costs you one Moral.png.
Icon Chun 3 Unknown
Icon Radio Expert The radio expert can decode the most complicated jumble of spatial waves in order to rebuild or send messages to the other end of the universe.
  • Twice as effective at establishing contact with Sol.
  • Improves the quality of teammates attempts to contact Sol by 50% when they're in the same room.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Icon Paola 1

Icon Janice 5 Icon Frieda 5 Icon Mage Book

Icon Rebel Your links to the anti-mush resistance allow you to understand and decode rebel transmissions much quicker than any other radio expert.
  • Doubles your chances of contacting a rebel base.
Icon Paola 5 Kept
Icon Robotics Expert The Robotics Expert can create and operate drones in any way they see fit.
  • Starts out with a drone plan.
  • Can upgrade drones.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Icon Terrence 1

Icon Mage Book

Icon Self-sacrifice Certain particularly resilient people can withstand the unthinkable, but this comes at a cost.
  • When your morale reaches 0, you will not die, but lose one Health Point per cycle instead.
Icon Janice 6 Unknown
Icon Shooter At ease handling all kinds of weapons
  • +2 Free Shots Pa shoot.png per day.
  • Your off-target shots cause 2 times fewer accidents.
  • Your successful shots cause 2 times as many critical hits.
  • Bonus : +1 to expedition combat strength.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
Icon Chao 1
Icon Derek 1
Icon Paola 3
Icon Roland 3
Icon Jin Su 4
Icon Stephen 4
Icon Terrence 4
Icon Mage Book
Icon Shrink The Shrink is in charge of psychological support. They are able to keep morale high and treat psychological illnesses.
  • On each cycle, 1 Morale Point (Morale) is regained by everyone lying down in the room.
  • Treats psychological illnesses.
  • Gives the action Comfort, which increases morale.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects
Icon Janice 1

Icon Mage Book

Icon Sneak You are of a fearful nature and you instinctively know how to make yourself scarce in order to avoid any and all attempts at physical contact.
  • Hand-to-hand attacks are subject to a 25% penalty.
  • You can move around freely regardless of how many Guards there are in the room.
Icon Chun 4 Unknown
Icon Solid You'll incur no penalties for carrying heavy objects. Also useful for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Your hand-to-hand attacks inflict one additional damage point
  • No penalties for carrying heavy objects.
  • Icon Undocumented: You can kick people out of a room.
Icon Gioele 1

Icon Stephen 2

Icon Sprinter The Sprinter always puts their best foot forward! They get additional Movement Points.
  • You earn an additional 2 Movement Point every time you convert Action Point-Movement Point (Does not stack with Icon Anti-Grav Scooter).
  • Expeditions involving a Sprinter will allow an additional planetary zone to be explored
Icon Roland 1

Icon Mage Book

Icon Strateguru After displaying a certain degree of megalomania, it can be mistaken for talent. You are an expert in intergalactic warfare, but everyone thinks you're crazy.
  • 50% of chance of reducing each wave of Hunters by 33%.
Icon Jin Su 6 Kept
Icon Survivalist The Survivalist is great to have on exploration missions. They can defend themselves more effectively against extra-terrestrial life forms and generally deal with these encounters better than anyone else.
  • Expedition : All damage is reduced by one point.
  • Expedition : The action Provision gives one additional steak.
  • Expedition : Last to die if a team fatality occurs.
Icon Chao 2

Icon Frieda 3 Icon Hua 3

Icon Technician Qualified to repair materials, equipment and the hull of the Daedalus.
  • +1 Repair Point (Repair Action Point) per day.
  • Chance of success on Repairs doubled.
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
  • Can reinforce and dismantle objects
Icon Terrence 2

Icon Raluca 3 Icon Hua 4 Icon Kuan Ti 4 Icon Eleesha 5 Icon Mage Book

Icon The Optimist The end of humanity... worse things happen at sea, right?
  • The optimist loses one less Moral.png per day.
Icon Kuan Ti 2

Icon Roland 5

Icon Torturer The torturer knows all the pressure points and most sensitive areas with which they can convey their most important message... "You WILL talk."
  • Enables the Torture action.
Icon Chao 4 Kept
Icon Tracker The tracker can see the comings and going of every team member. Furthermore, they can print any research results during the game via the Tabulatrix. This provides a list of players of which at least one is Mush.
  • Full access to movement history.
  • Able to print secret list on the Tabulatrix.
Icon Eleesha 1 Kept
Icon U-Turn You've got to know how to change your certitudes
  • When on an expedition, if there's an emergency, you can return to the Daedalus for 2 Action Point.
Icon Hua 6 Kept
Icon Victimizer Certain well-targeted remarks can have unexpected results.
  • For 1 Action Point, you can chastise someone.
  • This crewmate gains Pariah status. The Pariah's actions are 20% less likely to be successful.
  • Icon Covert actions become Icon Secret.
  • If the Pariah dies and was Icon Mush, the Victimizer earns 8 Glory. Otherwise they lose 8 Glory.
Icon Gioele 6 Kept
Icon Wrestler The wrestler's german suplex makes the vertebrae of your enemies tremble.
  • Your attacks in hand-to-hand combat inflict an additional 2 damage.
  • Icon Undocumented: You can kick people out of a room.
Icon Derek 2
Icon Chao 3

Mush Skills

More info Main article: Mush.

The agents of Icon Mush also lurk aboard the Daedalus, their identities unknown to the crew, but their shroomy presence felt everywhere. When equipment mysteriously erupts into flames and crewmembers come down with biting diseases, it's safe to assume a Icon Mush is behind the deed.

For an essay on all these skills, check out Enfilade's Way of the Mush.

Skill Description Learned at:
Icon Fungal Kitchen A fine example of the fine cuisine of Sol.
  • You can create a Boobytrapped Ration by mixing a Spore and one Ration using 1 Action Point.
Icon Mush 1
Icon Phagocyte In hard times, you have THE SOLUTION.
  • For 0 Action Point, you can devour a Spore which gives you 4 Action Point and 4 Health Point.
Icon Mush 1
Icon Traitor You have developed an innate ability to attract misfortune. Look - a mankarog ... let's see what happens when we tickle it...
  • The probability of getting negative results on expeditions in which you participate are multiplied by two.
Icon Mush 2
Icon Anonymush Your mycotoxins are indetectable in the atmosphere. You are a predator after all!
  • You'll appear as human on the crew bar except once you are dead.
Icon Mush 2
Icon Hard Boiled Your skin is particularly tough. Plastenite without the sweat.
  • All combat damage you sustain is reduced by one point.
Icon Mush 3
Icon Saboteur Your saliva becomes lightly acidic which is sufficient to short-circuit pretty much anything...
  • Your chances of success in attempts to Sabotage equipment are doubled.
Icon Mush 3
Icon Demoralize Mush pheromones do not allow direct communication but saturation can destabilize. You know how to take advantage of this.
  • For 2 Action Point you can cause a crewmate to lose 2 Morale.
Icon Mush 4
Icon Trapper Surprise!
  • For 1 Action Point, you can booby trap a shelf unit with a Spore. If someone touches the Unit, they will become Infected. If they are Icon Mush, the spore is lost.

Icon Bug: Misleading description. See skill page for accurate details.

Icon Mush 5
Icon Green Jelly You produce an acidic green jelly from your armpits
  • For 1 Action Point, you can break an electronic object. It will take a few cycles for the object to break down.
Icon Mush 5
Icon Transfer The Mush has passed to you one of the genotypes from our weapons of mass transmission. Help yourself!
  • Single action: You can inhabit the body of another human. They must have been infected at least once. They will then find themselves in your body... and may warn your crewmates.
Icon Mush 6
Icon Splashproof Fungic research has brought to light a new mucus which is perfect for making this change.
  • Showering doesn't cause you to lose any Health Point.
Icon Mush 6
Icon Doorman Some rampant macrolepiota can imitate the unpleasant effects of proactive puffed rice. That works out well for you as the Mush has given you its genotype.
  • Every day, you can Sabotage a Door for free.
Icon Mush 7
Icon Slimetrap These damn mushrooms reproduce quickly. Really quickly. Too quickly! They're everywhere!
  • For 1 Action Point, the targeted player gets Icon Dirty in between 1 and 4 cycles
Icon Mush 7
Icon Nightmarish Mush macrolepiota can affect the brainwaves of the poor human beasts. With a few modifications, they can stop humans from resting.
  • For 0 Action Point, you can trigger nightmares in a sleeping player. They will no longer receive the sleep bonus.
Icon Mush 8
Icon Ninja With your boosted myelin, your movement speed is incredible.]
  • Your hand-to-hand attacks become anonymous actions.
Icon Mush 9
Icon Defacer Your DNA allows you to modify certain peripheral data. This has potential!
  • For 2 Action Point, you can delete the log in a given room once per day. The log will start again automatically with the next cycle.
Icon Mush 9
Icon Bacteriophiliac Your plant bacteria can have particularly virulent applications.
  • For 2 Action Point you can give an illness to a crewmember. This is a covert action.
Icon Mush 10
Icon Fertile Your spore production is remarkable. Spore one day, spore forever.
  • Every day, you can extract one spore at no cost.
Icon Mush 11
Icon Mycelium Spirit Your mission is sacred. The Mush has selected you as a major transdimensional fungic transporter.
  • While you are alive, the Icon Mush can produce 1 more spore per day.
Icon Mush 11
Icon Nimble Fingers With a little help from your rhizomes, you can do wonderful things...such as manipulating cameras.
  • Installing and removing cameras is secret for you.
Icon Mush 12
Icon Radio Pirate This method of prehistoric communication is overrated. Duly noted.
  • For 3 Action Point, you can jam communications of a player. This breaks the Walky-Talky and allows you to write in their place.
Icon Mush 13
Icon Infector You make 14 holes. Small holes. Many small holes.
  • Allows you to infect others twice a day.
Icon Mush 14
Icon Bypass The ambiguities in the NERON code vis-a-vis Mush are sometimes so welcome... Icon Mush 15
Icon Pyromaniac The pyromaniac injects explosive microspores into an inflammable medium which triggers a violent combustion which is liable to do long-term damage to the ship.
  • For 4 Action Point, start a fire in your current room.
Icon Mush 16
Icon NERON Depression When NERON feels sick, it's the whole Daedalus that vomits.
  • For 3 Action Point, you cause NERON to randomly change its settings next round.
  • Can not switch off peace core setting Icon TODO: Can it switch it on if this setting switch off?
Icon Mush 17
Icon Massive Mushification Certain penicelia are extremely virulent. The effect doesn't last for long, but it's extremely powerful.
  • Unique: For 2 Action Point and 2 Icon Spores, cause the entire crew to become Icon Dirty and lose 2 Action Point.
Icon Mush 18