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Gioele rinaldo portrait.jpg
Gioele sprite.png Gioele Rinaldo
Gioele earns 3 Glory every time a Mush is killed.
1 Icon Solid
2 Icon Paranoid
3 Icon Caffeine Junkie
4 Icon Astrophysicist
5 Icon Panic
6 Icon Victimizer
Position on title lists:
#3 Icon Commander
#14 Icon NERON Administrator
#11 Icon Communications Officer

Gioele is the ship-owner. He is a billionaire from Earth who is obsessed by space travel, and who financed the initial Daedalus project. Faced with the Icon Mush menace, Gioele panicked and, in extremis, with the help of the designers, managed to get a job aboard the ship as a navigator. He also managed to eject a biologist from the original crew to make space for his daughter Icon Paola.

How to play

Gioele's role is similar to Icon Stephen, which is to assist any area which is short-staffed. This typically involves helping in the Laboratory, Garden or Nexus but can also include relaying the PILGRED Reactor advancement or scanning for planets. Stay active on the radio and see where you're needed most.

Since he walks around the entire ship, Icon Mush Gioele has more opportunities to extract spores and spike people which makes him generally suspicious. On top of that, he often does not have any vital skill that people would be hesitant to lose. So always report how and when you get Dirty - or avoid it in the first place - to keep the crew off your back.

Once trusted, getting a new skill from a Icon Mage Book can be a great addition to your general and possibly Action Point-generating skills.

Icon Bronze

Icon Solid: Gioele's first skill. Allows you to guard the Icon Microwave, take the Icon Superfreezer to the Icarus Bay for easier ration making, move people and punch them. OK skill, but people will be suspicious why you did not get Paranoid instead.
Icon Paranoid: Brings the total Icon Camera count to five. This allows you to guard both the Laboratory and Bridge, as well as one other utility area such as the Engine Room, Nexus or Icarus Bay. Not the most exciting skill to use, but the crew will love you for doing it!
Icon Caffeine Junkie: This skill is the reason to play Gioele on a promising ship. It gives you +2 Action Point when you drink a Icon Coffee (for a total of 4 Action Point) which is not bad at first, but if you survive long enough to see the PILGRED Reactor repaired, you can gulp down enough Coffee to do the jobs of four men!
Icon Astrophysicist: By the time you get this skill, you already have Caffeine Junkie. A good skill, but not good enough to lose the extra cameras or that coffee bonus unless you have little need/hope to use them.
Icon Panic: Useless 95% of the time, worse than other picks the other 5%.
Icon Victimizer: If you manage to accuse a Icon Mush, it prevents them from spiking people secretly and gives some glory. If you choose a human, you've wasted your skill to actively cripple a crew member. Not for beginners.

Icon Silver

Icon Caffeine Junkie / Icon Paranoid: Paranoid may not be very exciting, but it provides a great service to the crew. Pick it, use it, then pretend you're a Bronze coffee addict.
Icon Caffeine Junkie / Icon Astrophysicist: Provides extra Action Point to help find planets. With the PILGRED Reactor online, you can whiz through planet scanning faster than Icon Frieda!
Icon Paranoid / Icon Astrophysicist: Possible combination to keep the Mush at bay while finding O2 for a struggling ship.

Icon Gold

A Icon Gold Mode Level 4 Gioele has all the skills he needs to kick ass and drink Icon Coffee. A Level 6 Gioele can swap Icon Solid for Icon Victimizer for some extra Glory, but you'll have to decide for yourself if it's worth the XP cost.

Icon Mush

  • Mush Gioele is in a tricky spot because two of his most common skills work against him. While choosing Icon Paranoid (especially after Mush selection) could win the crew's trust by creating more Icon Cameras, he then still has to deal with their existence, e.g. by using more subtle infection vectors like Icon Trapper and Icon Fungal Kitchen. Being a Icon Caffeine Junkie is even more useless, since he cannot gain any Action Point at all from coffee, which can easily give him away to sharp-eyed humans unless counteracted by wasteful uses of Icon Phagocyte.
  • His advantage is that, as a generalist, he is expected to roam everywhere and also do Icon Dirty jobs like loading fuel.

Useful tips

  • You are either first or second in line to replace the Icon Commander. Be prepared to do that job if it falls to you.
  • As Icon Caffeine Junkie, you'll want to the crew know you have this skill. You get double the points anyone else would and that's a gain for the ship, so explain that they should leave coffee to you.
  • Before PILGRED completion, the coffee machine resets once at the beginning of every new day. The NERON Project NERON project Fission Coffee Roaster causes it to reset a second time at midday. (Many players will argue against investing in this one, since it becomes obsolete when PILGRED is finished.)
    • Once the Mush are dead and PILGRED is finished, the Coffee Machine can create fresh Icon Coffee every single cycle. You can do this yourself, or ask Icon Chao or Icon Raluca to make the Refectory their base and pull your Icon Coffee for you.
      • If possible, you can lobby to have a Icon Swedish Sofa built in the Refectory. An active Icon Pilot is a good fit here, since they will still get bonus Action Point from sleeping, and won't be inconvenienced if the Coffee Machine makes them Icon Dirty.
  • The Icon Paranoid skill gives you 2 extra cameras, but you might not want to take this skill right away. Rather, wait until after mush selection so that you don't end up taking a skill that works against you. Also remember that cameras cannot be dropped, they can only be installed for 2 Action Point.
    • If you take the skill while not having enough room in your inventory, the cameras will be knocked over onto the shelf. Icon Bug: When Icon Mush, Gioele's cameras may disappear after being knocked over. Make sure you have 2 free spaces in your inventory, or this bug will give you away when the humans try to locate the missing camera(s).
  • Don't get tunnel vision on one job. Gioele's strength is his versatility, put it to good use.
  • Consider using the Icon Anti-Grav Scooter to zip around the ship. Combined with a cup of hot java, this is a great way of finding fires and broken equipment around the ship.
    • Should your Icon Eleesha be active and competent, however, you're best off leaving it to her until the Icon Mush menace is defeated.


Born on Earth.
Thanks to his father's contacts, Gioele got a space as a passenger aboard the Gonzak with the mission of exploring Epsilon Indi. It was there that he met his idol GL Maubrick. Upon his return he began to study astrophysics so that he too could become an explorer one day.
The death of his father made Gioele aware of his family's financial situation. He took over his father's prison management company but changed its operation to suit his own ends: He would send the prisoners to new systems in order to carry out asteroid mining operations.
Gioele is making a fortune but has still not fulfilled his dreams. In an advertising spot on SNC he proposes a budget of 4 billion credits to whomever can propose a viable stellar ark project allowing him to link the Milky Way and Magellan's cloud.
Meets with Kuan-Ti who, the following year, delivers a gigantic World-Ark project involving 7000 people. Gioele allocates the promised budget.
The Federation wishes to participate in financing the project and brings an additional 9 billion credits which will grease the wheels in the advancement of the PILGRED reactor. The explorer, and now official government representative, Kim Jin-Su, is named as project leader.
Gioele learns quite by chance that Jin-Su and Kuan-Ti have manipulated the original project to allow the construction of a smaller exploration vessel, named the Daedalus. Continuing his investigation, he searches Kuan-Ti'"s office and finds documents proving that Mush has infected the leaders of the federation. His subsequent fear is the reason he becomes desperate to gain access to the Daedalus and join the evacuation.
As the federation reduce the frequency of payments for the project, Gioele offers additional financial support for the project to Raluca Jin-Su and Kuan-Ti. His only condition is that Nils Carlsson is removed from the team and replaced by his daughter Paola Rinaldo. The team refused.
Nils falls ill during a serious crisis between Xyloph-17 and the federation. The SDF takes control of the project, but Kim Jin-Su organizes the clandestine departure of the Daedalus. Gioele and Paola are finally taken aboard.