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Icon OCD
Description: Your work is clean, very clean, getting cleaner, ever cleaner. You are genuinely obsessed by cleanliness, but this has its advantages.
  • You will never make a mess carrying out any tasks aboard the ship
Learned by: Icon Finola 5 If Icon Mush: Kept

This skill acts as a constant Icon Stainproof Apron and protects from getting dirty against onboard causes only. Icon Diseases, expeditions, or Extracting a Spore can still make you dirty, as they do when wearing the Apron.

Considering Icon Finola loses morale when she is dirty, this skill looks pretty good at first glance. However, Finola cannot complete Researches on her own, and whoever relays her will, unlike her, still need the Apron. As a result, it will probably still remain in the lab, and the skill's main advantage will be to prevent having to drop and pick up the Apron constantly for relays, or to allow Finola to stay clean if she decides to eat outside the lab. It may also be helpful if someone hides, steals or forgets to drop the Apron.