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Icon U-Turn
Description: You've got to know how to change your certitudes
  • When on an expedition, if there's an emergency, you can return to the Daedalus for 2 Action Point.
Learned by: Icon Hua 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

While this will not help you if you already ran into a bad event, this skill allows you to gamble for, say, getting to a planet's Oxygen space before the Volcanoes and then bail. And it generally gives you some room for riskier expeditions, with people at lower health if needed, because you can always abort when someone drops dangerously low. It can save someone who is really low life or save the exploration team if you see that the Commander (or a Icon Politician ) planned to abandon you. Additionally, later in the game, when being steel plated is a common occurrence, you can launch expeditions with less risk of someone losing too much health between cycle change, as you'll be able to return before any more damage occurs.

Can be used by a mush Icon Hua to sabotage an important exploration. For example, if your ship has a really a low oxygen level, and a pilot rushes an expedition with low AP, you can cancel it, obviously, this tactic should only be used on extreme situations, or if you're completely sure that other pilots will not be able to launch another exploration before people start dying from lack of oxygen, and that you (and your Mush comrades) will have enough AP to kill the remaining humans.

While there is no room log of this event, everyone in the expedition crew will get a special "returned early" message and observant crew might notice too few zones were explored before the expedition ended.

New Action

2 Action Point Go HOME !

  • Target: None
  • Privacy: Invisible
  • Effect: Immediately stops an expedition and returns the whole crew to the Daedalus.
  • Expedition Log: Hua started screaming and everyone returned to the ship double-quick!
  • Conditions: Be in an expedition.
  • Action description: You're really not feeling this expedition. Let's book it outta here !