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Icon Infector
Description: You make 14 holes. Small holes. Many small holes.
  • Allows you to infect others twice a day.
Learned by: Icon Mush 14 If Icon Mush: Only

Infector is a strong skill which can be used to instantly infect a human with two spores in succession. This is very useful early on to gather some teammates.

Icon Raluca, for example, is almost always around the Engine Room on her own. If you and a fellow Mush go in and you spike her thrice, she can't inform her teammates because she is on your team already! (It would be up to Icon Eleesha or Icon Chun to check on her and see this.)

Even after you have been confirmed as a Icon Mush, you can still spike people twice, setting someone up for your teammates to get later. Even without a partner, you can single handedly convert a human over cycle change!

The limiting factor with this skill is usually your ability to produce the spores for it, so it combines well with skills that facilitate this like Icon Mycelium Spirit and Icon Fertile.


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