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These are the events that can happen during Exploration, and the respective Zones.

Event Description Zones
Accident A team member sustains 3 to 5 Points of Damage. Caverns.pngHigh Temperatures.pngInsects.pngLanding.pngLow Temperatures.png

Mountains.pngPredators.pngRuins.pngRuminants.pngSeismic Activity.png

Artefact You have found an artefact. Caverns.pngIntelligent Life.pngMankarog.pngRuins.pngShipwreck.png
Catastrophy All team members have sustained 3 to 5 Points of Damage. Landing.png
Dead A lost team member has died (Crew member has been found but has already died.) MIA.png
Death A team member has died (Crew member dies in action.) Mankarog.pngSeismic Activity.png
Fatigue All team members sustain 2 Points of Damage. Desert.pngHigh Temperatures.pngLanding.pngLow Temperatures.pngMountains.pngStrong Winds.pngSwamp.png
Fight You are facing off against a creature Cristalite.pngInsects.pngIntelligent Life.pngMankarog.png


Fuel You have earned x units of Fuel. (See individual section information for amounts earned) Caverns.pngHydrocarbon Deposits.pngMountains.pngShipwreck.png
Group Death All team members have died. Volcanoes.png
Harvest You have earned x Alien Fruits. (See individual section information for amounts earned) Forest.pngHigh Temperatures.pngMountains.pngOrchard.pngSwamp.png
Illness A member of the team has fallen ill Forest.pngInsects.pngSwamp.png
Item Lost An object belonging to one of the crew has been lost Intelligent Life.pngStrong Winds.png
Map Fragment You find 1 fragment of the Crystalite Starmap. Cristalite.png
MIA A team member has gotten lost Cristalite.pngForest.pngLow Temperatures.pngOceanic.png
Mush Trap All team members risk becoming infected by the Mush. Cristalite.png
Nothing to Report The zone has been explored, nothing to report. Desert.pngHigh Temperatures.pngLanding.pngLow Temperatures.pngOceanic.pngOrchard.pngOxygen.png

Predators.pngRuins.pngSeismic Activity.pngShipwreck.pngStrong Winds.pngSwamp.pngVolcanoes.png

Provision You have earned x Alien Steaks. (See individual section information for amounts earned) Insects.pngIntelligent Life.pngOceanic.pngPredators.pngRuminants.png
Pump You have gained x units of O2. (See individual section information for amounts earned) Oxygen.png
Return You abandon the current expedition Mankarog.pngSeismic Activity.pngVolcanoes.png
Reunited A lost teammate has been found! MIA.png
Wander Zone exploration failure. There are still things to be discovered... Caverns.pngDesert.pngForest.pngMIA.png