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Icon Observant
Description: You use 1 Action Point less to discover hidden objects. You have a 25% chance of detecting covert activity in the room you are in.
  • The Search action costs 1 Action Point less.
  • You have a 25% chance of detecting covert activity in your room.
Learned by: Icon Eleesha 3 If Icon Mush: Kept

Icon TODO: Check and add detailed skill information/tips

Someone who is Observant doesn't need to waste energy for searching items in a room. Search is a free action for an Observant person (without any illnesses increasing the actions costs.).

An Observant character has a 25% chance of revealing Icon Covert logs, such as Infect, to everyone if they're in the same room when it happens. These logs would normally only be revealed in the presence of camera.

It appears that Observant characters never reveal their own covert actions. Icon Note: However, it can reveal her colleague's covert actions.

Then, an Observant person can keep a room or a person under surveillance, for example if the laboratory is not equipped with a camera or if somebody stay in a corridor; but there are only 25% of chance to see an cover action. It's easier to find a careless mush that way than an Icon Hygienist person, but also more dangerous.

An Observant character has a chance to detect a Icon Secret room log, past or present. However, details as to who created the room logs, what the contents of the logs are, and when they are generated are omitted. This ability isn't useful as the first ones of Observant.

If there are one or several revealed secrets actions in the room logs, then the Observant person may "notice" this, and create a new lign in the log Icon Confirm: "[Character] has noticed something interesting...", Icon Confirm: it may triggers each time the player connect to the game or do an action.

Affected action


  • Cost reduced to 0 Action Point from 1.