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Icon Slimetrap
Description: These damn mushrooms reproduce quickly. Really quickly. Too quickly! They're everywhere!
  • For 1 Action Point, the targeted player gets Icon Dirty in between 1 and 4 cycles
Learned by: Icon Mush 7 If Icon Mush: Only

Slimetrap is a Icon Mush skill that lets you affect people with the Icon Dirty status at will. Due to its low cost and the fact it's not picked up unless there is a Icon Camera, this skill has decent utility as it allows the Icon Mush to considerably delay the progress on various fields that require cleanliness such as Research, Communications, NERON Projects etc.

Slimetrap strongly affects the Mush-hunting metagame on your ship, as it opens up a new way of becoming Dirty. This means that even characters who don't usually get Dirty aren't safe from it anymore, which lets you engage in more intricate social manipulation, as well as giving you a new way to spawn your spores and soften suspicion.

These are some of the possibilities Slimetrap opens up for you:

  • Blaming the crime on somebody else, painting them as the Slimetrap-using Mush.
  • Spawning spores and then claiming your dirtiness comes from having been slimetrapped/"out of the blue".
  • Slimetrapping somebody and then accusing them of having done the above.

Keep in mind that the effect sets in during cycle change, meaning nobody can suddenly turn Dirty in the middle of a cycle. Take this into account when using Slimetrap as a cover for spawning spores; make sure nobody is around to see you Dirty before cycle change.

For Icon Finola, this skill is a double-edged sword: She makes a particularly excellent target for the skill, as she is the main researcher, typically may not be Dirty under any circumstances, and loses Morale from every cycle spent Dirty. As a Icon Mush Finola would be particularly desperate in regards to spawning spores, since there's no realistic reason for them to be Dirty, blaming it on Slimetrap is a legit strategy for them. If you're Finola, you may use Slimetrap as a new avenue of spawning spores (as long as you trap others once in a while to confirm the skill actually exists), and if Finola is human, you can slimetrap her and try to get her lynched; particularly if she's not very active/incompetent in her research.

General effects

  • New action: 1 Action Point Slime Trap
    • Target: Other character
    • Effect: The target will become Icon Dirty within 1 to 4 cycles, on cycle change. This bypasses protection such as Icon Stainproof Apron and Icon OCD.
    • Icon Covert log: In a flash, [user] taps [target] affectionally but it seems as though some kind of putrid smoke came out of their fingers!