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 This equipment shows a terminal. Interaction with this equipment may make you dirty.
In-game Description Maintenance Stats
The PILGRED Reactor. When the Daedalus set off, these were the only means of travelling faster than the speed of light. Getting it working again could allow you to return to Sol. Tear through space-time in complete safety.
Repairing. Repair: cannot break
Dismantle chance.Dismantle: no
Sabotaging. Sabotage: no
Green Jelly. Slime target: no
Map Engine Room.png

Engine Room

The PILGRED Reactor, located in the Engine Room, is the main drive of the Daedalus. Due to hunter attacks, it is broken at the start of every game and needs to be repaired.

Reactor Repairs

PILGRED is not like conventional broken equipment. Items increasing repair chance do not give bonuses, and Repair Point are not used. The PILGRED repairs are similar to NERON Projects and Research in that the most efficient way to conduct repairs is for two characters with the Icon Physicist or Icon Technician skills to relay the repair process.

Participating in the repairs costs 1 PILGRED Repair Point or 2 Action Point. Each repair attempt will advance the total project by a random amount based on the character's Skills.

  • 9-13% for a player with both Icon Physicist and Icon Technician skills.
  • 5-7% for a player with either Icon Physicist or Icon Technician, but not both.
  • 1% for anybody else (best used only to reset another player's efficiency).

You can work on PILGRED while Dirty.png Dirty. In fact, it is advisable to stay dirty while actively working on it since almost every attempt will make you dirty again.

Repairs completion is announced by NERON with the name of the last participant.

Completion of the Reactor

How PILGRED appears in the Engine Room once completed.

Repairing the reactor unlocks the following options:

  • The Icon Commander can bring the Daedalus to Sol for 2 Action Point, putting an end to the game (Humans win if there are no more Icon Mush on board).
  • The Icon Commander can bring the Daedalus to Eden for 2 Action Point if the coordinates were calculated, putting an end to the game (Humans win if there are no more Icon Mush on board).
  • New Icon Coffee can be fetched from the Coffee Machine at every cycle rather than only once a day. Icon Bug: It is supposed to regenerate only on cycles 1, 3, 5 and 7 after PILGRED is fixed.

If the repairs are completed before all crew members have woken up from cryo-sleep, it is possible to go to Sol. No glory will be lost, since technically there is no Icon Mush on board.


Access Terminal

  • Effect: Opens the Spot2.png Pilgred Terminal
  • Icon Public log: [Person] has accessed the Pilgred Teminal.

Pilgred Terminal

2Action Point Repair

  • Effect: Progress PILGRED repairs by 1%
  • Affected by: Icon Physicist, Icon Technician
  • Icon Public log: [Person] has advanced the PILGRED repairs.
  • Icon Announcement: (when complete) PILGRED repairs carried out by [Person]. Access to distant zones now open.

Efficiency Table

This table shows how many steps and AP it takes (on average) for the crew to get PILGRED to 100% with different skills and relaying strategies.

"Tech" here means that a person gets a bonus from either the Technician or Physicist skill, while Icon Raluca is assumed to have both.

The shortest columns are as efficient as possible regarding total Action Point spent, but they all neglect crew movement. Strategies where a skilled person works more times in a row are likely to take fewer Movement Point from helpers walking to the Engine Room, and may be easier to execute.

If the goal is to complete PILGRED as fast as possible with only one skilled person in a crew, it is of course best to relay them after every single step to always get the maximum bonus out of their limited specialist AP.


Finally, a group of only untrained crew working on it 1% at a time will spend a whopping 200 Action Point. Which is tough, but it can be done!