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Icon Polymath
Description: Knowledge is always moving, state is overrated.
  • +2 private channels
  • +1 IT Point per day.
  • -10% to all you action tries.
Learned by: Icon Eleesha 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

Polymath is a special skill that essentially makes the character better at communication and IT tasks by allowing two additional private chat channels and granting 1 IT Point per day (with the ability to store 2). In turn, it makes them slightly less effective at manual tasks - all chance-based actions like repairing, ship/personal combat, or firefighting.

It has a unique synergy with Icon IT Expert in that they both give the same special action points. A character with both skills will receive 3 IT Point per day, to a maximum of 6, which can be saved up for a burst of activity.

  • Icon Bug: Apparently this supply is always maxed upon picking the second skill, rather than being increased by 2 or 4.

Affected actions

Apparently every action that involves a chance of success has that chance lowered by a relative -10%.

  • Icon Confirm: Not tested so far.


Additional effects

Allows up to five private communication channels instead of just three.


This skill was added in Episode 5.