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The agents of Icon Mush also lurk aboard the Daedalus, their identities unknown to the crew, but their shroomy presence felt everywhere. When equipment mysteriously erupts into flames and crewmembers come down with biting diseases, it's safe to assume a Icon Mush is behind the deed.

For an essay on all these skills, check out Enfilade's Way of the Mush.

Skill Description Learned at:
Icon Fungal Kitchen A fine example of the fine cuisine of Sol.
  • You can create a Boobytrapped Ration by mixing a Spore and one Ration using 1 Action Point.
Icon Mush 1
Icon Phagocyte In hard times, you have THE SOLUTION.
  • For 0 Action Point, you can devour a Spore which gives you 4 Action Point and 4 Health Point.
Icon Mush 1
Icon Traitor You have developed an innate ability to attract misfortune. Look - a mankarog ... let's see what happens when we tickle it...
  • The probability of getting negative results on expeditions in which you participate are multiplied by two.
Icon Mush 2
Icon Anonymush Your mycotoxins are indetectable in the atmosphere. You are a predator after all!
  • You'll appear as human on the crew bar except once you are dead.
Icon Mush 2
Icon Hard Boiled Your skin is particularly tough. Plastenite without the sweat.
  • All combat damage you sustain is reduced by one point.
Icon Mush 3
Icon Saboteur Your saliva becomes lightly acidic which is sufficient to short-circuit pretty much anything...
  • Your chances of success in attempts to Sabotage equipment are doubled.
Icon Mush 3
Icon Demoralize Mush pheromones do not allow direct communication but saturation can destabilize. You know how to take advantage of this.
  • For 2 Action Point you can cause a crewmate to lose 2 Morale.
Icon Mush 4
Icon Trapper Surprise!
  • For 1 Action Point, you can booby trap a shelf unit with a Spore. If someone touches the Unit, they will become Infected. If they are Icon Mush, the spore is lost.

Icon Bug: Misleading description. See skill page for accurate details.

Icon Mush 5
Icon Green Jelly You produce an acidic green jelly from your armpits
  • For 1 Action Point, you can break an electronic object. It will take a few cycles for the object to break down.
Icon Mush 5
Icon Transfer The Mush has passed to you one of the genotypes from our weapons of mass transmission. Help yourself!
  • Single action: You can inhabit the body of another human. They must have been infected at least once. They will then find themselves in your body... and may warn your crewmates.
Icon Mush 6
Icon Splashproof Fungic research has brought to light a new mucus which is perfect for making this change.
  • Showering doesn't cause you to lose any Health Point.
Icon Mush 6
Icon Doorman Some rampant macrolepiota can imitate the unpleasant effects of proactive puffed rice. That works out well for you as the Mush has given you its genotype.
  • Every day, you can Sabotage a Door for free.
Icon Mush 7
Icon Slimetrap These damn mushrooms reproduce quickly. Really quickly. Too quickly! They're everywhere!
  • For 1 Action Point, the targeted player gets Icon Dirty in between 1 and 4 cycles
Icon Mush 7
Icon Nightmarish Mush macrolepiota can affect the brainwaves of the poor human beasts. With a few modifications, they can stop humans from resting.
  • For 0 Action Point, you can trigger nightmares in a sleeping player. They will no longer receive the sleep bonus.
Icon Mush 8
Icon Ninja With your boosted myelin, your movement speed is incredible.]
  • Your hand-to-hand attacks become anonymous actions.
Icon Mush 9
Icon Defacer Your DNA allows you to modify certain peripheral data. This has potential!
  • For 2 Action Point, you can delete the log in a given room once per day. The log will start again automatically with the next cycle.
Icon Mush 9
Icon Bacteriophiliac Your plant bacteria can have particularly virulent applications.
  • For 2 Action Point you can give an illness to a crewmember. This is a covert action.
Icon Mush 10
Icon Fertile Your spore production is remarkable. Spore one day, spore forever.
  • Every day, you can extract one spore at no cost.
Icon Mush 11
Icon Mycelium Spirit Your mission is sacred. The Mush has selected you as a major transdimensional fungic transporter.
  • While you are alive, the Icon Mush can produce 1 more spore per day.
Icon Mush 11
Icon Nimble Fingers With a little help from your rhizomes, you can do wonderful things...such as manipulating cameras.
  • Installing and removing cameras is secret for you.
Icon Mush 12
Icon Radio Pirate This method of prehistoric communication is overrated. Duly noted.
  • For 3 Action Point, you can jam communications of a player. This breaks the Walky-Talky and allows you to write in their place.
Icon Mush 13
Icon Infector You make 14 holes. Small holes. Many small holes.
  • Allows you to infect others twice a day.
Icon Mush 14
Icon Bypass The ambiguities in the NERON code vis-a-vis Mush are sometimes so welcome... Icon Mush 15
Icon Pyromaniac The pyromaniac injects explosive microspores into an inflammable medium which triggers a violent combustion which is liable to do long-term damage to the ship.
  • For 4 Action Point, start a fire in your current room.
Icon Mush 16
Icon NERON Depression When NERON feels sick, it's the whole Daedalus that vomits.
  • For 3 Action Point, you cause NERON to randomly change its settings next round.
  • Can not switch off peace core setting Icon TODO: Can it switch it on if this setting switch off?
Icon Mush 17
Icon Massive Mushification Certain penicelia are extremely virulent. The effect doesn't last for long, but it's extremely powerful.
  • Unique: For 2 Action Point and 2 Icon Spores, cause the entire crew to become Icon Dirty and lose 2 Action Point.
Icon Mush 18