Green Thumb

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Icon Green Thumb
Description: Plants grow naturally in your presence, you only require to speak to them with a languishing gaze for them to bear beautiful fruit.
  • Begins the game with an additional two pots.
  • Hybrids made by the Green Thumb start with a short growth cycle.
Learned by: Icon Ian 4 If Icon Mush: Kept

Adds two Icon HydroPots to your inventory.

With the initial 5 (2 holding mature Icon Banana Trees + 1 pot in the garden + 2 pots somewhere in the garden or storage rooms) this makes a total amount of 7 pots. With the Extra Hydropots NERON project, a maximum of 10 is possible, or even 12 if Icon Stephen copies this ability.

Icon TODO: confirm + specify

Also, hybridizing a plant with another fruit (which will yield a tree of that fruit in a "growing" status with a shorter than usual growth time) will further shorten the time it takes for the new tree to mature by an unknown amount.

It is possible to attain unrealistic numbers of HydroPots with an Apprentice Stephen and cooperative Mush with the Transfer skill, as using these skills allows for several re-pickings of Green Thumb, thus spawning additional HydroPots. Up to 20 HydroPots can be gained this way, though it is noteworthy that it's impossible on non-Casting ships due to the Mush cooperation involved.