Crazy Eye

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Icon Crazy Eye
Description: There is no way to take you by surprise. You foresee all attacks from your enemies as well as those from your so-called allies.
  • All aggressive actions targeting you cost an additional 2 Action Point
Learned by: Icon Chao 5 If Icon Mush: Kept

This essentially grants you personal Icon Pacifist protection, increasing the cost of aggressive actions against you while not hindering your own attacks.

Exceedingly useful if you want to be the ultimate combatant, and especially invaluable if you are Icon Mush. Consider picking this skill only when you feel you'll need it soon, in order to hide it from future adversaries.

Stackable with Icon Pacifist, so if you got Icon Ian in the same room, aggressive actions against you will cost at least 5 Action Point.

General effects

  • Aggressive actions against you cost 2 Action Point more.