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Icon Determined
Description: Once they begin their task, nothing can distract the determined player
  • If an action fails, the % chance of subsequent success increases more rapidly
Learned by: Icon Eleesha 2
Icon Hua 5
If Icon Mush: Kept

The Determined skill increases any action's chance multiplier slightly. Upon failing an action, its success chance is multiplied by a certain number. For instance, if the chance multiplier of a failed action is 1.5, and the initial success rate is 10%, it will go up to 15%, then 22%, then 33% and so on.

Observe your crew if you consider taking this skill, because just like Icon Creative, it only helps with tasks that have a chance to fail in the first place. As such it is the closest thing Icon Eleesha and Icon Hua have in terms of a combat skill. All in all, however, being Determined is considered one of the weakest abilities in the game.

The exact improvement on the multiplier for each action:

  • Repairs: Multiplier from 1.25x or 1.5x to 1.3x
Stopicon.png The multiplier is always 1.3x, so trying to repair without tools which should have 1.5x multiplier normally, will result in lower increases with this hability.

Affected actions

All actions with a success chance:

  • Upon failure, success chance is multiplied by a higher value.