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Icon Metalworker
Description: It seems pretty clear that you're a really productive person.
  • Daily if you find yourself in a Warehouse, you have a chance of finding scraps or better for 0 Action Point.
Learned by: Icon Terrence 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

A Metalworker gets a chance of finding a random useful item once per day. Often Icon Scrap Metal as the name implies, but sometimes other things like a Icon Standard Ration, Icon Plastic Scraps or Icon Fuel Capsule Icon TODO: Oxygen?. Consequently, this skill yields greater rewards the longer the voyage goes on.

Specifically, they will have a special, free Search action available when in a storage room, with a 75% chance of success (i.e. finding an item that was not there before). Failure will increase those chances, to 93% the following day(drop back to 75% if you use another action).

Recommendation: as there is a chance to find Fuel Capsule the best place to use free Search is Rear Alpha Storage or Rear Bravo Storage. Or fill your free slots with something before using this action.

Terrence just found some metal in Rear Alpha Storage.

General effects

  • New action: Search
    • Target: Storage Room
    • Effect: Allows you to search the stockrooms for scrap, or other really useful things.
      • Available once a day.
      • Does not reveal regular hidden items.
    • Icon Public log: (Fail)You turn all these useless machines upside down and inside out, but there's really nothing interesting there...

Icon Warning: This action can hurt by 2Health Point (even if you have no free slots in hands)

Icon Warning: This action can make you Icon Dirty (even if you your attempt failed)