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Icon Genius
Description: When divinely enlighted by the flame of consciousness, the genius can find a solution to any problem encountered aboard the Daedalus.
  • The genius can carry out one piece of Resarch, one Project, or one Repair once per game.
Learned by: Icon Raluca 4 If Icon Mush: Kept

Genius allows you to complete one NERON project, one research project or one repair. This is especially helpful for projects that are difficult and time-critical such as the Plasma Shield, Pheromodem or Retro-Fungal Serum. In the case of repairs, it gives you a 100% success chance.

Once activated, the skill will be used on the next applicable action. It cannot be activated then saved for later.

Picking the skill for the first time does not activate it. You will need to specifically activate it within the game interface when you are ready to use the skill.

This skill can not be used to complete PILGRED Reactor repairs.

Icon Bug: The skill appears as "Technician" when choosing/viewing the skill, however this is only visual and can be distinguished differently through the Icon or the Description of the skill.