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Icon Transfer
Description: The Mush has passed to you one of the genotypes from our weapons of mass transmission. Help yourself!
  • Single action: You can inhabit the body of another human. They must have been infected at least once. They will then find themselves in your body... and may warn your crewmates.
Learned by: Icon Mush 6 If Icon Mush: Only

Transfer is an extremely interesting and unique Icon Mush skill which allows you to swap bodies with any character in your room who is infected by at least 1 Icon Spore, once per game. It has several fun applications:

  • Dropping your Icon Walkie Talkie somewhere, going on a killing spree and then transferring into a hapless bystander so that you can watch them get murdered by the rest of the crew, or even help with it.
  • Escaping a lynch mob by transferring into attackers or inactives (whose full Action Point/Movement Point gauges you can put to good use). Defeating attackers by transferring into them mid-combat and slaying your old body is particularly easy, but be aware that they will display as dead humans, blowing your cover to an attentive/well-informed crew.
  • As last resort, possessing a high-importance character (like the ship's only Icon Shrink or Icon Physicist) and therefore getting them killed, further dooming the human crew. Particularly effective if your old body is comparatively useless.
  • If the crew is too careless or desperate to take precautions against it, you can possess the commander (or anyone but Chun holding the Hacker Kit) to move the ship while key crew members are on an expedition.
  • If one Icon Mush is Icon Raluca, you could also rush the PILGRED Reactor to completion, then transfer into the reigning Icon Commander and travel to Sol immediately.
The notification pop-up that pops up for the player after a transfer.

You and the victim are notified that a Transfer has occured via a large pop-up window. To others, however, the process itself is Invisible, unless detected by a Icon Myco-Alarm. Characters who are Icon Lying Down will not wake up from being involved in a Transfer.

Using Transfer will swap you and the target on the end-of-game scoreboard, meaning that 'likes' and previously gained Glory may be confused between the two players. This may lead to your victim being commended for your Mush play, although you will only receive commendations on the new character.

New Action


  • Cost: None (2 Action Point when affected by Icon Pacifist or Icon Crazy Eye)
  • Privacy Level: Invisible
  • Requires: Target infected by at least 1 Icon Spore
  • Target: Another character
  • Single Action; can only be performed once per game.
  • Effect: Swaps bodies with the target.
    • Transfers with player: Icon Mush status, game mode, character level, vanity effects, mush skills
    • Stays with original character: Health points (Health Point and Morale), Glory/Glory (Mush), Statuses (including illnesses), Titles, communication channels, Commander-assigned Missions, equipped vanity outfit
    • Resets both characters' human skills. Skills (via Icon Mage Books) are also lost.
      • No skills will be auto-chosen in this case. They have to be reassigned manually by both parties.
      • The Icon Mush has to assign their new human skills via the 'genome' tab.
    • Resets the following Icon Mush counters:
      • extracted spores (i.e. you will be able to extract a new "first" spore with a Icon Fertile skill)
      • spikes (i.e. you will be able to spike again today (twice with an Icon Infector skill)
      • The same applies to another Mush who transfers into your old body. They will be able to spike and extract spores despite your old body already did that.
    • Both characters lose all Icon Spores on them.
    • Icon Confirm: If the target is Icon Inactive, this status is lost

Icon Bug: The in-game tooltips claim that the Transpossession action is Icon Covert; however, it is Invisible to all except the target.

Useful Tips

  • As a Mush, it is advisable to burn all your Action Point and Movement Point, remove useful items and, particularly, drop or hide your Icon Walkie Talkie / Icon iTrakie somewhere before doing the transfer, to leave the confused victim as little opportunity as possible to resist or alert the crew.
    • Keep in mind that, unless Mute from an Injury, they can still travel to the Bridge to communicate over the intercom.
  • When performing a covert transfer operation, you should adapt to your victim's behavior. Try to mimic their writing style, capitalization, use of emoticons etc, and carefully read all their private channels so that you're aware of the same information as them. Post-transfer life requires even more dexterity and spying prowess than regular Icon Mush existence.
  • As a human, expect the Mush to have this skill. E.g. do not feel safe leaving the Icon Commander on board during expeditions just because you trust his current self.
  • In order to spot a transfer, the crew's best clue is inconsistency in character skills: The human victim will have no skills until they reassign them, at which point they should be attempting to warn you about the transfer. Mage Book skills will disappear and cannot be replaced, and a Icon Bronze or Icon Silver player transferring into a character with more skills will still be subject to their mode's restrictions, and thus be unable to fully imitate them.
    • As a Mush, this means you should ideally get your former self killed asap, ideally by an oblivious crewmate. And make sure you pick a target you can sucessfully imitate.
    • As a human, this means you should be suspicious of people killing a "griefer" (i.e. a character performing mushy actions, but then leaving a human corpse) in "self-defense", because they may just be getting rid of their old body.

Checklist for a transfer

  • Select a target
    • Consider what you want to do and which skills (e.g. Icon Wrestler,Icon Pilot) or Titles can help with that, or what you want to deprive the crew of.
    • Estimate Action Point and Movement Point the victim has.
      • Be mindful about characters that may still be stuck in the Tutorial.
    • For a stealthy transfer, make sure you have access to all of the victim's skills on their character.
      • You will need a Icon Gold account if they have three or four skills.
      • If your target has Apprentice or read any Icon Mage Books, consider if or where you can get these additional skills.
  • Prepare your old body
    • Spend all you Action Point and Movement Point, except those you need for a transfer (and probably for an infection).
    • Hide your radio Icon Note: Don't forget that the victim sees all private logs from your old body, as well as items hidden by it, so technically it's not "hide", but "put it in one of not-very-common-rooms"
    • Close all open private chat channels.
    • Lower your health to a minimum level if you plan to get rid of the victim (showering is an option, though expensive if done secretly).
  • Transfer!
    • After a transfer, take all required skills immediately.
    • Do something about your old skill-less body