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Icon Nightmarish
Description: Mush macrolepiota can affect the brainwaves of the poor human beasts. With a few modifications, they can stop humans from resting.
  • For 0 Action Point, you can trigger nightmares in a sleeping player. They will no longer receive the sleep bonus.
Learned by: Icon Mush 8 If Icon Mush: Only

This action is Icon Covert. It's also Aggressive, meaning it is affected by Icon Ian's Icon Pacifist and Icon Chao's Icon Crazy Eye. The victim's regular sleep message will be different, but they will not know who cursed them. The effect lasts until the victim gets up; after that, they can sleep normally (if they lay down again).

Fairly useless or highly situational, as the Covert quality means it cannot be used on characters in the Dorms, which will be under Icon Camera surveillance, and giving nightmares to single characters in the Medlab will make it obvious that you caused them.

New action

Give Nightmares

  • Cost: Icon Confirm: 0 Action Point
  • Privacy: Icon Covert
  • Target: Lying down character
  • Effect: Cancels the target's resting Action Point bonus and replaces their sleep message until they stand up again. Icon Confirm: Also works on the Icon Shrink's effects.
    • This action is Aggressive.
  • Room Log: [Mush] approached [target]... After moving away again, the latter seems to sleep really badly.