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Andie graham portrait.jpg
Andie sprite.png Andie Graham
Andie gains 4 Glory for every successful trade with merchants.

Andie can flirt and do the thing with anybody on the ship.

1 Icon Pilot
2 Icon Devotion
3 Icon Polyvalent
4 Icon Confident
5 Icon Expert
Position on title lists:
#15 Icon Commander
#6 Icon NERON Administrator
#3 Icon Communications Officer

Sub-Lieutenant Andie Graham is a new character introduced with Icon Episode III. When Andie and Icon Derek Hogan are in play, they replace Icon Finola Keegan and Icon Wang Chao. The ship then inhabits an alternate timeline version where Finola was not captured and Chao died in the attempt to bring her in.

How to play

Andie seems to be a person of many skills, but also torn between several responsibilities.

While having the potential to be an excellent Icon Pilot, (s)he will often be expected to spearhead the Research as Finola would, which in turn will not leave much time for other demanding jobs. Then again, a Icon Polyvalent Andie is also very good at Exploration (arguably better than Icon Hua) thanks to the great Icon Diplomat bonus, and extra alien fruit from being considered a Icon Botanist. Being everybody's Icon Confident lets Andie help the ship's morale, as well as help with the Icon Mush hunt by clearing people of suspicion. Finally, the general Action Point bonuses and success chances from having Icon Devotion + Icon Expert enable him/her to do just about anything better than the average crew member, if needed.

Due to this multi-faceted skill set, you should pay close attention to your crew line-up and the players' activity levels before deciding on your skills.
On the upside, you will be able to fill in whatever role will be needed the most.

Icon Bronze

Icon Polyvalent: This unique skill allows you to fill in for the missing Icon Finola as head of Research thanks to the Icon Biologist bonus. The two expedition bonuses also dramatically increase your ship's chance of reaching Eden, especially if combined with a Icon Babel Module.
Icon Pilot: Alternative choice if research progress is already decent (e.g. Biologist Icon Ian) but your ship is missing characters to deal with the Hunter threat.
Icon Confident: Useful if Icon Janice is in some way incapacitated (inactive or dead), as it will allow crew members to restore 2 Morale daily, all while helping you with Mush hunting!
Icon Devotion: This skill is best in combination with Pilot, and getting extra % from Polyvalent helps more in research. It can be useful on its own in case you end up as the Icon Communications Officer (due to your position in the hierarchy list), but is not recommended at Bronze level.

Icon Silver

Icon Polyvalent / Icon Pilot: Do research, defend the ship and pilot successful expeditions yourself... you have all the options, but you will be starved for Action Point. A good plan is to focus on research first, so you might be able to stop the Mush before your help is needed on the Hunter front.
Icon Polyvalent / Icon Devotion: Highest research productivity through bonuses and often 6 extra Action Point per day, as Devotion means that you will get most of the missions.
Icon Polyvalent / Icon Confident: A very useful combo of Research progress, better expeditions and Morale restoration.
Icon Pilot / Icon Devotion: When you REALLY need more piloting done. While Devotion is only mediocre in terms of Action Point / day, and resticting the Icon Commander in his mission choices, the ability to gain 6 Action Point on the fly (pun intended) can be excellent for a Pilot fighting hunters or collecting scrap, in order to make the most of each trip (especially when combined with food and a Teslatron Reservoir).
Icon Pilot / Icon Expert: Increases your hit chance in combat, among other things, making you that much more effective as a Pilot and a generalist. Not worth dropping Polyvalent for, though, unless you already have an active Icon Diplomat on board.

Icon Gold

Icon Polyvalent / Icon Pilot / Icon Devotion / Icon Expert: The combination of Pilot, Devotion for Action Point and better hit chances from Expert makes Andie the most capable pilot on board.
Icon Polyvalent / Icon Pilot / Icon Devotion / Icon Confident: Fills all main roles and gets some extra Action Point
Icon Polyvalent / Icon Pilot / Icon Expert / Icon Confident: Highest versatility thanks to extra success % on any action, and more choice for the Icon Commander.

Icon Mush

Mush Andie's ace in the hole is his/her Icon Devotion skill. If s/he can convince the Icon Commander to give him/her missions (or if the commander is the other Mush!), s/he can potentially store up several 6 Action Point boosts. When paired with Icon Phagocyte, this can allow Andie to do a frightening amount of damage in a short amount of time.
However, Andie is also expected to do anti-mush Research, especially if Icon Polyvalent. This can put him/her in an awkward position very quickly, both in terms of long-term strategy and Action Point management, especially when crewmates attempt to feed him/her to squeeze out more research!

Useful tips

  • Andie's Glory glory objective is fulfilled no matter who performs the actual trade. (S)he does not have to be Icon Communications Officer to receive the Glory bonus.
  • In addition to Icon Confident, Andie's ability to do the thing with any character can make him/her very helpful in a morale crisis.


  • As with Icon Derek Hogan, Andie's character artwork has been done by a different artist. Mathieu "Ani" Leyssenne, the original Mush artist, no longer works with Motion Twin.
  • Andie cannot get Icon Pregnant and can get female characters pregnant. The latter may be due to mechanical limitations, as Andie's biography makes their gender/sex intentionally ambiguous.


Age: 24 years old
Profession: SDF Sub-Lieutenant
Summary: Sub-Lieutenant Andie Graham is still not aware that the Daedalus has cut all ties with the SDF. Still operating under the illusion that he/she is on a federation-sanctioned mission, he/she is still working towards the mission objective. Upon discovering that their idol, Sgt Derek Hogan has joined the crew of the Daedalus, Andie applies for a position on board. Andie's unique skillset makes him/her invaluable in ensuring mission success.


Born somewhere on Earth.
Abandoned by his/her parents in the first months of his/her existence, Andie is saved by a commission of the SDF. (S)he is promptly placed in a specialized home as SDF protegé, where his/her innate abilities are soon discovered. (S)he is then swiftly planted in an SDF-controlled school and enters the Federation Youth Program.
(S)he remains brilliant in his/her studies and enters the most prestigious university of the Federation. Constantly indoctrinated during his/her studies, Andie heeds nothing other than the way of the Federation. Despite his/her naiveté, Andie is very popular and never has any trouble making friends. With his/her angelic face, (s)he unwittingly attracts the sympathy of all. His/her roommate, Viktor Carlsson, secretly planted in the university by his father Nils, dearly pays for their friendship. For confiding his secret mission to him/her during conversation, he soon finds himself arrested for conspiracy. Andie innocently thinks that he just switched courses...
Andie makes the acquaintance of sergeant instructor Icon Derek Hogan who, being portrayed as a national hero, spends the entirety of his lessons telling stories of his fantastic life. Andie discovers the father figure (s)he's been missing in his/her instructor and begins to idolize him. (S)he believes every word of his tales and stories and begins to dream of travelling through space as well.
Andie fervently studies subject after subject in order to best serve the Federation. (S)he brilliantly attains three Ph.Ds: in botany for his/her dissertation on the healing properties of Tau-Ceti's Bachean bulb, in biology with his/her study on the social behavior of polarized amoeba in the Aegean Sea of the third planet on the Sol system, and finally in diplomacy with his/her mediation report which, according to the jury, could have inspired the negotiators who failed to prevent Sol's great battle. (S)he becomes the first triple laureate in the Federation.
With his/her studies over, Andie decides to become a pilot, joining the Federation's airforce and easily obtaining his/her license. (S)he asks to be posted on Xyloph-17 and is soon noticed by Icon Kim Jin Su. Derek, however, does not recognize him/her.
Oblivious to what's coming from the shadows, and believing to still be serving the Federation, Andie boards the Daedalus.