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Icon Opportunist
Description: The opportunist waits for any chance to ascend in the ship's hierarchy, they will miss no opportunity
  • +5 Action Point when you earn a title for the first time
Learned by: Icon Stephen 3 If Icon Mush: Lost

5 Action Point is a lot of points, but if this skill triggers more than once your ship is probably about to burn. While it is one of Stephen's objectives to strive for the Comms and Commander titles (2 and 3 people dead or inactive, respectively), and the Action Point can help in catching up on the work of previously inactive Comms Officers, a total of eleven crew members would have to be "indisposed" in order to get the full 15 Action Point (as the only person who is above Stephen in more than one list is Icon Eleesha).

If this skill was not lost as a Icon Mush, it might be more attractive for a strategically ordered killing spree. But as it stands it is probably the weakest skill around.

So the primary point of it is to fill a free slot on your quest towards Icon Apprentice and Icon Creative.