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Icon Mycologist
Description: The mycologist can treat fungal infections in the Medlab or using a Medikit
  • When you heal a crewmate, they automatically lose a spore
Learned by: Icon Ian 3 If Icon Mush: Lost

A Mycologist can treat fungal infections (remove a spore from the target) whenever you heal a crewmate with the Icon Medikit or in the Medlab.

  • It is possible to remove a spore from yourself, not only from a crewmate.
  • Even when there is a spore, you can only use this on people who are actually hurt.
    • Repeatedly dropping and picking up items can be a cheap solution to this "problem".
  • While useful, this skill may not see as much use against the actual Mush as one might think, as the hunt is usually over (one way or the other) by the time healing becomes a common thing.
    • It does, however, let you remove stored spores from a Mush if you happen to catch them with one!
    • And on longer running ships that aim to explore Cristalite zones, it saves the crew the cost of researching the Icon Super Soaper or Icon Spore Sucker.
  • The effect is lost when turning Icon Mush. That makes this a dangerous skill to have if there is a Mycoscan and spored humans on the ship, as the Mycologist will be expected (and usually eager) to cure them. Mush should either avoid taking it in the first place, or adapt their tactics at this point.