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Icon Confident
Description: Discreet and loyal, you share everyone's pain and as such have the sympathy of the whole crew...
  • Once per day, the other players can confide in you, and in doing so they'll reveal their last X actions where X is your stock of Morale. In doing so, they'll earn 2 Morale.
Learned by: Icon Andie 4 If Icon Mush: Kept

Confident (sic!) is an unusual skill which turns Icon Andie into some sort of unholy Icon Schrödinger-Icon Torturer hybrid. Every day, a character may confide in them to restore 2 Morale, but will reveal their latest actions in turn. The more Morale the confidant has, the more actions will be revealed, which means that the higher Morale maximum of Icon Gold players can be of advantage.

This is often used as a secondary source of morale besides the Icon Shrink or Icon Leader, with the side-effect of clearing people of suspicion. In a crew which chooses to make confiding mandatory once a day, however, a happy Andie can considerably hamper the Mushes' freedom to act.

The skill is unique in that it opens up a new way of interacting with the confidant to other characters, rather than the skill user themselves.

Icon Note: May also reveal actions such as reporting damage/fires Icon Note: Stephen's Icon Apprentice will not allow characters to confide in him if they already did so with Andie on the same day.

Cautionicon.png Once someone has used the spore sucker, their logs that are displayed by Icon Confident, Icon Premonition and Icon Torturer very closely resemble that of a mush pulling a spore. Pay close attention to whether the action is "Extract Spore" (Spore Sucker) or "Extract A Spore" (mush pulling a spore)

General effects

  • Enables new action for other characters: 1 Action Point Chitchat
    • Target: The Confident
    • Effect: Restores 2 Morale while revealing the names of recent actions to the Confident.
      • Number of revealed actions is equal to the Confident's level of Morale.
      • Actions revealed to the Confident are Icon Private.
      • A Public room log is also posted.
      • Can be performed once a day (per confiding character).
    • Icon Public log: [Chitchatter] and [Confident] are chatting innocently...