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Icon Saboteur
Description: Your saliva becomes lightly acidic which is sufficient to short-circuit pretty much anything...
  • Your chances of success in attempts to Sabotage equipment are doubled.
Learned by: Icon Mush 3 If Icon Mush: Only

Saboteur gives a passive success bonus to the default Mush action: Sabotage.

Not a very useful skill, considering how any use of sabotage will likely cause you to uncover yourself (because Neron will not create corresponding alerts). If saved until you mutate, it can be helpful, because most of your other skills won't work anymore.

Icon TODO: confirm Failed sabotages (even without this skill) are said to improve the chances of the item breaking spontaneously in next few cycles (with Neron warning)... but generally, Icon Green Jelly, specially in its current state, is a much better option.