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Icon Torturer
Description: The torturer knows all the pressure points and most sensitive areas with which they can convey their most important message... "You WILL talk."
  • Enables the Torture action.
Learned by: Icon Chao 4 If Icon Mush: Kept

A Torturer can use "enhanced questioning techniques" on a crewmember in the same room, causing 1 Health Point damage and then letting them see the last X actions they performed, with X being the number of missing Health Point.

Needless to say, this is a very useful tool for Icon Chao when hunting the Mush. As any damage taken will reveal more actions, it also combines well with Icon Wrestler - though not as well with Icon Shooter, as firing guns at people risks an accidental headshot.

Then again, this skill is the only way in the game to reveal exactly how much health the other person is missing. Which makes it basically a Mush test in combination with a Natamy Rifle.

General effects

  • New action: 1 Action Point Torture
    • Target: Other characters
    • Effect: The tortured character will lose 1 Health Point and a private log entry will appear for the Torturer, showing as many of the victim's previous actions as they are currently missing Health Point.
      • Aggressive action, affected by Icon Pacifist, Ceasefire and Icon Crazy Eye.
      • Unaffected by Icon Plastenite Armor or Icon Hard Boiled
      • Picking up and dropping of items, examining objects, messaging and private channel actions, skill picking, changing BIOS settings, accepting or refusing a mission and sending a mission or a general announcement arenot shown in the list.
      • The only exception to the above is picking up Icon Schrödinger.
      • You may see "issue mission", which does not necessarily mean the mission has been send.
      • A sleeping person will not wake up / get out of bed from being tortured.
      • There is a small chance to hurt yourself while doing this, comparable to other actions, or to get Icon Dirty.
      • If a person dies from the damage, the cause of death will be "Injuries" - as if killed by something generic like a shaking room.
    • Icon Private log: Something like
Chao injures Ian and then proceeds to torture him, revealing a long list of mushy actions.
    • If you torture someone who has done nothing, you will see a log that says: Chao sets violently about Kuan Ti. Their head is bouncing around all over the place... However, it seems to be to no avail...


Actions with Torture show up in the log according to the names of their respective skill buttons. For example, if the character you tortured someone who had just hidden something, it would show as "Hide", but not give a location or detailed description.

Killing with torture doesn't count as killing at all. Damage type is "Injure" so you got no glory for specific Chao's quest, killing a mush as human or kill a human as mush.

Mush can silent kill humans in cycle change with room shaking cover.

Cautionicon.png When someone has used the Icon Spore Sucker, the logs displayed by Icon Confident, Icon Premonition and Icon Torturer do very closely resemble that of a Icon Mush pulling a spore. Pay close attention to whether the action is "Extract spore" (Spore Sucker) or "Extract a spore" (Mush pulling a spore)!