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Icon IT Expert
Description: The IT Expert is at home as soon as they are in front of a screen. They manipulate the nexus, navigation and communications terminals with ease.
  • +2 Pa comp.png per day (IT Action Points).
  • Bonus for developing certain NERON projects.
  • Chances of success are improved with the Icon Hacker Kit
Learned by: Icon Janice 2
Icon Eleesha 4
Icon Frieda 4
Icon Terrence 5
Icon Mage Book
If Icon Mush: Kept

This versatile skill gives free action points to multiple actions around the ship. Progressing NERON Projects, Laboratory Researches, working at Comms Centre and analysing zones in planets (note: only analysing zones, not scanning for new planets) are all choices available to the IT Expert, worth 2 Action Point each. In addition to that, the base rate of success with the Hacker Kit is doubled to 50%.

Despite the fact that Icon Janice gets this skill early, it is not crucial for her, as BIOS access does not require Action Point and Janice's main task is not research, but keeping Morale high. Yet she usually can do these things passively (except for the occasional comfort action) and spend her Action Point on whatever is needed most, in which it supports her without limiting her options. Especially effective when used on NERON Projects when combined with Icon NERON's only friend.

For Icon Eleesha the skill comes into play when she succeeds Paola as the Icon Communications Officer and starts to decode Rebel Base signals (also her Glory objective), decipher the Xyloph DB, connect to Sol and upgrade NERON. (Given Janice's reasonably high position in the corresponding title list, this may apply to her as well.)

For Icon Frieda, this is a straight up boost to her planet scanning ability, and arguably better than Icon Pilot as she does not have the Action Point to properly do both scanning and flying. Also, because she is usually on the bridge, the boost to hacking the Navigation terminal can come in very handy to get the ship out of danger when the commander is unavailable. She also has a great interest in helping with CPU Overclocking, which further enhances her scans.

Icon Terrence should put this to use on NERON Projects as well, to which he gets a number of efficiency boosts from his other skills (mostly Icon Technician). Also, his scrap heap in Alpha Bay 2 and PILGRED tend to keep him around the back of the ship anyway.

The first candidate for an IT expert Icon Mage Book is Icon Paola as the acting Icon Communications Officer, where the 4 Action Point extra will be put to good use. Other reasonable candidates include Icon Finola and Icon Ian (if Biologist), getting good value out of free research points in the Lab, or Icon Kuan Ti and Icon Raluca for NERON. Apprenticeship or Icon Mage Book use by Icon Stephen may be also considered if he becomes Comms Officer.

Affected actions

2Action Point Participate (NERON's Core),
2Action Point Calculate (Calculator),
2Action Point Participate (Research Lab),
2Action Point Analyze (Astro Terminal),
2Action Point Establish Comms (Comms Center),
2Action Point Upgrade NERON (Comms Center),
2Action Point Contact Xyloph (Comms Center),
2Action Point Decode Rebel Signal (Comms Center):

  • If any IT Point are available, uses 1 IT Point instead of 2 Action Point.

2Action Point Participate (NERON's Core):

NERON project Auxiliary Terminal
NERON project CPU Overclocking
NERON project Magnetic Return
NERON project NERON Participation

General effects

  • Gains 2 IT Point a day, to a maximum of 4.

Undocumented effects

  • The success chance of using the Icon Hacker Kit is doubled.
    • However, note that it is not possible to perform a Hack with your IT Point.