Logistics Expert

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Icon Logistics Expert
Description: You personally oversee the organisation of every task aboard the Daedalus in order to maximize the efficiency of every one of your teammates.
  • Every cycle, 1 Pa slot1.png is given randomly to a crewmate in the same room as you.
Learned by: Icon Paola 2

Icon Jin Su 5 Icon Mage Book

If Icon Mush: Kept

More Action Point means more progress! And this skill is arguably the best of all in that regard, as it gives the crew a bonus of up to 8 Action Point every day (while specialized action points save 4 Action Point / day at most, and are bound to certain tasks). Any Silver or Gold player with access to this skill should be using it.

Since Icon Paola and Icon Jin Su should be around the Bridge, they can become best pals for life and double each other's Action Point gain. Who needs sleep when you have efficiency?

Interestingly, this skill can also take effect during planet expeditions, allowing an expedition member to gain an additional Action Point if someone with this skill is on the expedition.


At cycle change, one lucky crewmate in the room gets 1 Action Point and the following Icon Private log:

The Logistics skills of [player] has borne fruit...