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Icon Tracker
Description: The tracker can see the comings and going of every team member. Furthermore, they can print any research results during the game via the Tabulatrix. This provides a list of players of which at least one is Mush.
  • Full access to movement history.
  • Able to print secret list on the Tabulatrix.
Learned by: Icon Eleesha 1 If Icon Mush: Kept

Provides additional information in the 'Movement' chat panel (The Previous 16 Cycles instead of the normal 8). It also reveals which doors people enter and exit from. This helps you track your crew members to make sure they really did get dirty repairing that turret no-one ever uses.

Icon Note: This does not work for tracking Icon Support Drones. Icon Note: You just can see 8 previous cycles in the Icon Mush channel.

THE List

Icon THE List is a document which is exclusively printable by the Tracker, once per game (even with multiple trackers), using the Icon Tabulatrix. It lists a number of character names - alive or dead - one of which is guaranteed to be 1 of the two original (alpha) Icon Mush. The other names on the list are picked at random and may also contain other Mush and Icon Chun (despite her Icon Immunized trait).

The number of names printed on THE List begins at 8 when the first person joins a new ship. The number goes down by 1 every 8 cycles, until there's only the guaranteed alpha Icon Mush name left. Once THE List has been printed, it is final and the number of names does not retroactively shrink. The current number of printed names is displayed on the printing button on the Icon Tabulatrix.

Icon Note: In general, subtract the current day from 9 to receive the current number of listed names, i.e. Day 1 - 8 names, Day 2 - 7 names, etc. This won't be exact, however, because the number ticks down on the same cycle the ship started, not the first cycle of the day.

THE List cannot be printed when there are no Icon Mush (alpha or converted) are left on the Daedalus. This is a great way to confirm that a ship is ready to embark for Sol or Eden ...if you can trust your Tracker to tell the truth!

If you print THE List, it is advisable to keep the results secret and only share them with Icon Chun due to her confirmed humanity. Revealing THE List to the crew may put other members at risk, as the Icon Mush may rush to infect someone who is not on the list and less likely to gather suspicion, or convert another listed character in order to immediately accuse and murder them to shift attention from the other listed personnel.