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Jin su sprite.png Kim Jin Su
Jin Su earns +3 Glory for every Command Console voyage carried out (with diminishing returns after +6 Glory).

Jin Su earns +8 Glory upon leading the crew to Eden.

1 Icon Leader
2 Icon Pilot
3 Icon Cold Blooded
4 Icon Shooter
5 Icon Logistics Expert
6 Icon Strateguru
Position on title lists:
#1 Icon Commander
#11 Icon NERON Administrator
#9 Icon Communications Officer

Jin-Su started exploring at a young age, on research missions on Barnard Star. He was quickly promoted to the rank of Commander and was placed in charge of important missions on Ross 154 and Epsilon Indi. Jin Su's discovery of multiple Boxylium deposits on Tau-ceti made him an instant interplanetary celebrity. In 3146 the Federation named him as Executive Commander of the Magellan project. Following the Mush invasion of Sol, he drew up the plans for the Daedalus with Lai Kuan-Ti, and assembled an elite crew to ensure the survival of the human race in another galaxy.

How to play

Being the Supreme Icon Commander comes with certain privilieges, as people are more likely to listen to you, but also a lot of responsibility. While you should not shy away from trying it, be aware that this is a very demanding role, because an active Commander who is there to move the ship is crucial - not only to visit many planets, but also to jump away from large hunter waves and incoming asteroids.

His function is not very demanding in terms of Action Point, though, so you will still have time to be a fully-fledged Pilot on the side (as opposed to Frieda, who has other duties), or walk around the ship taking part in everybody's work, like a good boss should.

Icon Bronze

Icon Leader and Icon Pilot are both good. The eventual choice should depend on what the ship needs more. When there is only one or two pilots, pick pilot. If Icon Janice is inactive, pick Leader (unless Kuan Ti already has it). In doubt, pilot is the safer pick, as morale can be gained in other ways, while a lack of pilots usually spells doom.
Icon Logistics Expert is probably the best skill around - for the ship. But you do not get to do a lot with it, so it is understandable if a Bronze player may not want to grind to level 5 to have it as their only skill. (Then again, doing it anyway ought to earn you dibs on a Icon Mage Book.) With Icon Paola and the Icon Swedish Sofa on the Bridge she can gain 3 Action Point per cycle for Communications.

Icon Silver

Many possible combinations. Besides picking two of the bronze options, Icon Shooter is great in combination with Icon Pilot, while Jin Su's level 6 skill Icon Strateguru makes less hunters appear in the first place (which may make it superior in the long run).
Only Icon Cold Blooded, while useful to defend against early rampages, does not offer nearly as much value as Icon Logistics Expert. Especially because people dying is something you are trying to avoid unless you are Icon Mush, in which case the skill has no effect. And if it does trigger while your bar is full, the bonus Action Point are lost as well.

Icon Gold

Jin Su is one of few characters who really shine in Gold mode (pun intended) as all of his skills are useful and work well together. Icon Pilot and Icon Logistics Expert should be in the mix, otherwise whatever helps the ship the most. (With Icon Cold Blooded still being the weakest.)

Icon Mush

Nothing slows down a ship like an Icon Inactive Commander... but they also tend to get replaced quickly and violently. The art of being The Fungus in Charge is to be active enough to be tolerated, while still managing not to be around when needed for movement and exploration.
Of course, like any Mush, he can also be a Commander who is loud, directing the crew's attention towards lots of things! Except some things. Or be the last person they would ever suspect, so they would even forgive one huge blunder like flying without turning first or "accidentally" leaving a pilot behind.
  • Stay alert during your "off hours". If the very active crewmembers ever get too impatient and go on expedition against better judgement, you want to be there to abandon them.
  • It is easy to forget that missions are a thing. Until somebody reminds you, give them to your Mush partner to collect.
  • If you happen to get teamed up with Icon Frieda or Icon Raluca, you have good chances to kill the ship by "not finding" and then "missing" enough O2 planets, or rush to Sol.

Useful tips

  • Know your ship and crew. Ask people about what they do and need. As the person in charge, with the ability to give missions, your decisions and orders have a great impact on how the ship turns out.
  • When going expeditions with the Icarus, the Commander must always be part of the away team as long as there are Icon Mush around, so the ship cannot be moved while the crew are on the planet! Even if not a Mush himself, he could become one by Icon Transfer.


Born on Earth.
Jin-Su begins his piloting classes at the Faculty of Economic and Spatial Sciences on Ganymede. He quickly became known as the best fighter pilot of his class which snagged him an analyst's position on Barnard Star.
While flying over Barnard Star, an eruption hits his patrol craft. The team lost contact with Jin-Su. Earth media covered the search for the black box from the ship, but there was very little debris left. Jin-Su re-established contact with the station 5 days later at the moment when news of his death was sent to his family. The press recounted the incredible adventure of this young Korean pilot who managed to survive for 126 days orbiting a red dwarf. Kim Jin-Su became an instant celebrity.
Jin-Su is sent on an exploration mission to the Ross 154 system. He is the first man to set foot on Merlin which will later become the most hyped holiday spot in the galaxy.
The explorer GL Maubrick discovers his talents and decides to include him in the crew of the Gonzak, on the first manned flight destined for Epsilon Indi. Jin-Su proved himself to be a key man in times of major crises during expeditions. He notably saved Captain Maubrick from certain death during a flight over the Thorum satellite.
Commander Kim Jin-Su led the first expedition to Tau-Ceti. More than 28 major bodies were recorded, 22 possessing layers of Boxylium under the planet's surface. This is a major discovery not only for the Federation, but also for humanity. Man will now have sufficient resources to explore the Milky Way in its entirety as well as potentially other galaxies.
GL Maubrick takes over the presidency of the Federation. He immediately appoints Jin-Su as a counsellor focusing on the Boxylium shortage dossier. Jin-Su carries out his research and contacts the crew of the Magellan project on Xyloph-17. There he meets Lai Kuan-Ti who presents his colleague Raluca Tomescu's PILGRED technology to him. This is a major discovery for the federation as it will allow them to access further deposits. Jin-Su convinces Maubrick to finance the production of the Ark and take the lead on the project.
Kuan-Ti gives a medical record to Jin-Su which proves that President Maubrick is infected with the Mush. He wishes to speed up construction and the departure of the Ark in order to save as many humans as possible from the Mush invasion. After consulting with Raluca, Jin-Su receives confirmation that adequate preparation of the PILGRED reactor could not be reduced to less than 12 years. He asked Kuan-Ti and Raluca to revise their plan for a smaller ship capable of transporting a smaller crew of around twenty people.
Following the disappearance of sergeant Derek Hogan, Jin-Su manages to dissuade the SDF from launching an investigation. He attracts the mistrust of the administration who wish to advance the date of the bi-yearly report on the magellan report. Jin-Su, who cannot risk a Mush infection, refuses, only to find himself relieved of his duties.
His replacement, Captain Baranov is assassinated immediately upon his arrival on Xyloph-17. The Federation is planning an immediate counter-attack but Jin-Su, with the help of a rebel SDF Trooper, manages to evacuate 16 members of the crew. The anticipated startup of the PILGRED reactor is a success, the Daedalus is propelled towards the Magellan nebula at more than a billion m/s.