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In space, nobody hears it teem...

The Icon Mush is a cruel fungus which uses its host as cattle, wiping out everything on its journey... extinguishing passion, emotion and desire and everything that makes a sentient being nothing but a mindless zombie. All it desires is the expansion of its organism.

Playing as the Mush


More info Main article: Mush Play.

An agent of the Mush requires stealth, cunning and deceit to claim victory over humanity and prevent the Magellan project from succeeding. Between managing your Dirty status, not drawing suspicion by the other crew members, and efficiently managing your Action Point, a lot can go wrong for an unprepared Mush player. Prepare your shroomy journey by informing yourself via the Mush Play article.



As normal, using the Shower will remove the status dirty, however unless the Mush player has the Icon Splashproof skill they will also lose 3-4 health.

Trivia: Mush and Water

Mush Skills

More info Main article: Mush Skills.

Players on the side of Icon The Mush have an secondary set of Skills with its own, separate XP curve and Skill Slots at their disposal. To balance things out, they lose the ability to use some of their previous Skills. If you play as Icon Mush and the crew turns you back to human with the injection of the Retro-Fungal Serum, you will get the choice of re-picking your character's skills.

Mush Actions

A list of actions in an example game of Mush.

More info Main article: Actions.

As the Mush you will have new actions available to you in addition to your human actions.

Some of these actions are available to all Mush, such as Extract a spore. Other actions only become available to a mush player with the associated skill, such as the Booby-Trap Unit action which is linked to the Icon Trapper skill.

Converting to Mush

Apart from the two players who start the game as Icon Mush (often called Alpha Mush) the only way that a human player can become a Mush is by having a number of spores attached to them.

At the start of every game, only 3 spores are needed to convert a human player to a Icon Mush player. In the later game this number may change to 4 spores if the humans finish the Mushovore Bacteria research.

A human victim will be converted to Mush immediately after the last spore is attached. The ship's crew log is also immediately updated.

Attaching a spore


There are a number of ways that a Icon Mush can attach a spore to a human.

  • Infect, a basic Mush action which is unlocked by default
    • Icon Schrödinger can be infected and will transfer a spore to anyone that gets scratched. (The same person can be spored by Schrödinger more than once if they get injured multiple times.) Cuddling does not transfer spores.
    • Icon Fungal Kitchen (requires Icon Mush 1), a skill that spikes a consumable item with a spore, infecting the character who consumes it.
    • Icon Trapper (requires Icon Mush 5), a skill which places a spore in the current room, transferring it to the next character that performs any room action.
  • "Doing it" An action that is intended to raise morale, but can get spored if you are doing it with a Icon Mush.

Apart from the above, a human may also get spored when they are on Expeditions and travel through Cristalite zones which have a chance to infect all traveling characters with a spore.

Infect example

In this next example, the humans have finished the Mushovore Bacteria research and 4 spores are now required for a conversion.

Here, Icon Paola is human and does not know she has spores attached to her.
At this point, Paola has been infected again and is now a Icon Mush.
This is later in the game. We can now see that Paola has chosen her Mush skills and created her own spore.


  • You may infect a human only once per day, as a mush. Unless you get a skill Icon Infector which lets you infect others twice per day.
  • No one can see you taking a shower. But if you pick up a soap, people may find out that you've taken a shower.
  • Eat rations will not give you Action Point as the pills also, so be cautious, this is a test that can be done if you arouse suspicions.