NERON's only friend

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Icon NERON's only friend
Description: As soon as you are aboard the ship, NERON is content, its programs run without a hitch and its performance is noticeably improved.
  • The rewards from all NEXUS research are maximized for everyone.
Learned by: Icon Janice 3 If Icon Mush: Kept

NERON's only friend causes the crew to always hit the highest percentages when contributing to NERON Projects. This effectively boosts progress by 20%, and makes it more predictable. A great skill for Janice to have - Kuan Ti will love you for it.

If you are active enough to spend your special points, Icon IT Expert provides a more consistent and flexible boost, though, so consider how many people will be working in the Nexus before choosing between the two.

(Not counting movement, the break-even point is at an average of 20 Action Point each day spent in projects.)