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Icon Victimizer
Description: Certain well-targeted remarks can have unexpected results.
  • For 1 Action Point, you can chastise someone.
  • This crewmate gains Pariah status. The Pariah's actions are 20% less likely to be successful.
  • Icon Covert actions become Icon Secret.
  • If the Pariah dies and was Icon Mush, the Victimizer earns 8 Glory. Otherwise they lose 8 Glory.
Learned by: Icon Gioele 6 If Icon Mush: Kept

Victimizer is essentially a "debuff" skill meant to debilitate a Mush suspect you do not want to kill outright. Nevertheless, it is probably most useful for getting some bonus Glory when going after already discovered Icon Mush.

A practical use of this skill would be to facilitate certain Mush tests (as in ruling out covert healing), or to force a likely Mush you are planning to cure to lay low until the serum is ready.

  • The "Pariah" status cannot be undone. It remains for as long the Victimizer is alive.
  • Only if the Pariah dies, the Victimizer can use the skill again on another target.
  • There will be an alert publicly stating the identity of the outcast.
    • However, it will only be visible when there are also other alerts. Otherwise the bar will show "Calm" even when there still is a Pariah.
  • Mush will not get any glory changes but they can still use this skill.
  • Trivia: It is possible to accuse Icon Chun.

New action

1 Action Point Anathema

  • Target: None
  • Privacy: Invisible
  • Effect: The target gains the Pariah status. All covert actions become secret, -20% accuracy.
  • Room Log: Icon TODO: Missing information.


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