Massive Mushification

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Icon Massive Mushification
Description: Certain penicelia are extremely virulent. The effect doesn't last for long, but it's extremely powerful.
  • Unique: For 2 Action Point and 2 Icon Spores, cause the entire crew to become Icon Dirty and lose 2 Action Point.
Learned by: Icon Mush 18 If Icon Mush: Only

Massive Mushification allows to make everybody in the Daedalus to get dirty, at the cost of 2 Action Point and 2 Icon Spore. It can be used to make an excuse to be dirty (expensive for an excuse tho) or to curse the Daedalus to doom with the two showers dismantled and everybody dirty (then no researches, no communications, no projects and no astrophysics), it can be also used to make everybody lose a bit of energy.

The 2 Action Point penalty does apply on mushes, however the user will only lose the 2 Action Point to use the skill.

Massive Mushification does take effect to players who aren't on the Daedalus, including expeditions.

Cautionicon.png A mush can only use this ability once per ship

Icon TODO: Does "Unique" mean then only 1 of all mushes can take this skill in same ship?

Icon TODO: Will transfer reset the 1 use per mush limit?

New Action

  • Name: Moldification of the masses.
  • Cost: 2 Action Point and 2 Icon Spore.
  • Target: None.
  • Privacy: Icon Secret.
  • Effect: Causes the entire crew to become Icon Dirty and lose 2 Action Point.
  • Room log: "[name] suddenly stiffens... It looks like twisted yellow threads are escaping from their spacesuit and trying to penetrate the hull..."
  • Crew log: "You feel ill, but not like you've felt before, as if everything is covered in filth... your stomach is churning... and you feel extremely weak... buuurrrpp."