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Icon Apprentice
Description: By attentively watching what their mentor does, the apprentice can quicky pick up the same knowledge and actions.
  • Enables the action Apprenticeship which allows them to copy a skill possessed by a player present in the room, once per game.
Learned by: Icon Stephen 5 If Icon Mush: Kept

Apprentice is Icon Stephen's signature skill which, at last, turns the badass cook into an interesting and useful character.

The fact that another crewmember has to have the skill you want to learn, and be alive, will not let you fill in for completely missing roles, but it does serve well as a backup for Icon Inactive crewmates - or Icon Mush you are about to kill. Also useful if you just need more people with crucial everyday skills like Icon Technician and Icon Pilot.

For personal Glory from fighting aliens, Stephen has an incentive to learn Icon Astrophysicist to increase the number of expeditions, and Icon Polyvalent, Icon Diplomat, Icon Botanist or Icon Survivalist to secure a place on the expedition team.

To just help the ship in a general way, the best support skill would be Icon Logistics Expert.

Most of all, though, this skill can be used in very interesting ways when copying rare signature skills, as in having two Icon Genius crewmembers, two Icon Shrinks boosting morale, seven cameras from Icon Paranoid, or up to twelve hydropots from two people with Icon Green Thumbs.

The effects of Icon Mankind's only hope and Icon Strateguru do not stack, but if Chun or Jin Su are about to die, you can replace them in these roles. Also the Icon Tracker's list can only be printed once... but if Eleesha is inactive or Mush, you can preserve the crew's ability to know when they are Mush-free.

Icon Bug: If a mush transfers into Stephen, who had this skill, they cannot select it again: the game just doesn't offer Icon Apprentice in genome tab. Therefore, for example, there is no sense for a mush Stephen with a Icon Diplomat to call a ceasefire and then transfer into someone else, so that another player can transfer into his old body and call ceasefire again.

Icon TODO: What happens if two Icon Politicians both stage a coup in the same cycle? And then when the "winner" dies?

New action


  • Cost: 1 Action Point
  • Target: None
  • Privacy: Icon Private
  • Effect: Allows you to select a skill out of the skills of all characters present in the room. Apprentice will be replaced with the selected skill.
  • Private Log: Icon TODO: Missing information.