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Dangers randomly occur over the ship. It can happen during any cycle of the day. The chance increases more and more as the day passes. Different dangers can happen in the same room too. It is important to maintain high amount of Health Point and fairly high of Morale so you don't get killed by accidents, especially in late games.



More info Main article: Hunters.

  • Hunters will fire at the Daedalus at the beginning of each cycle if left unchecked, for a random amount of damage (1-3) much like patrol craft. They may also fire at patrol craft, or even at each other (with the Meridon Scrambler research), but mostly at your ship.
    • This will cause the Daedalus to lose some Armor or weaken the Plasma Shield.
      • If the Armor reaches 0, the Deadalus gets destroyed and all crew members die.
    • They will not fire right when they appear, nor the cycle after that. This means the crew has 2 cycles to either kill or outrun them before they start doing damage.
      • This can be crucial to consider. If you are faced with 40+ hunters and not enough Action Point on your pilots, that cycle of respite can change the look of things if you still have it.


More info Main article: Resources.

  • The ship's Oxygen supply is consumed over time (independent of crew size), and must be replenished.
    • New oxygen can be found by exploring planets, which also requires Fuel fuel.
    • Plants produce 1 Oxygen every day if mature and healthy.
      • This will usually not be enough to sustain the ship, though, especially in the first week.
  • If the oxygen level reaches zero, one crewmate suffocates every cycle.

Broken Equipment/Doors

  • Equipment and doors can randomly break at cycle change, and the probability increases as time passes.
  • NERON will announce spontaneous breakages of equipment, but not of doors. There will be NO announcement if
    • The equipment was broken through sabotage
    • The equipment was damaged by a fire
    • The equipment was damaged by an electrical spike
  • If there are several similar pieces of equipment (like patrol craft), NERON will not specify which one it is.
  • Regardless of announcement, the total number of broken doors and equipment will be shown in the alerts. Once reported by a crewmember, a list will also show the respective entry until the item is fixed, at which point it automatically disappears.
    • Paying attention to this can help you track the activity of drones without looking at the rooms.

Communications Signal

  • The signal with Sol can be broken by:
    • There are two Xyloph DB projects that will make you lose the signal with Sol.
    • Using the Icon Microwave will also often cut the signal. (Don't.)
    • Occasionally, especially when signal strength is low, the signal will cut out on its own for no particular reason.



  • Most actions, including picking up items, have a small chance of injuring the player for 2 Health Point
  • There is a higher chance of losing 2 Health Point from doing repairs (without Icon Protective Gloves) or picking up Icon Schrödinger
    • If a crew member dies from picking up Icon Schrödinger or any other item, the cause of death will be: "'Putting the "Fun" in Funeral'"

Room Shaking

  • Injures all crew present in the room for 1 to 3 Health Point
    • The log of the accident and the crew member who is injured is Public, but the amount of injury is Icon Private and may differ between crew members.
      • The public log: The room suddenly starts to shake violently. The crewmembers present find themselves thrown to the floor and bits of the ceiling have collapsed here and there. What a wreck...
    • If crew member dies, the cause of death will be: "'Injuries'"

Metal plates

  • Injures one crew present in the room for 4 to 6 Health Point
    • The log of accident is Public, naming the crew member who is injured, but the amount of injury is Icon Private.
      • The public log: An unexpected lurch caused a sheet of metal to land on (character's name). (He/She) is seriously injured!
    • If crew member dies, the cause of death will be: "'Steel plated'"

Icon Bug: This occurs in patrol ships, causing the ship to be lost forever if the pilot dies from the plate.

Icon Bug: This can also happen to people on expeditions.


  • Always announced by NERON.
  • Does not consume oxygen despite popular belief.
  • Reporting the fire will specify in which room the fire is in the alert bar.
  • Fires can be caused randomly at cycle change as the ship goes on as well as:
    • Mush skill Pyromaniac.
    • Shooting weapons and Grenade Rocket Launcher.
    • Invertebrate Shell cartridge.
  • Every cycle that it goes on (including the cycle in which it started), each of the following effects may be triggered randomly:
    • Damage equipment (except doors) and break/destroy objects in the room.
    • Does 2-3 points of damage to the Armor
    • Spread to an adjacent room.
    • Injures a crew in the room for 2 Health Point (note that some crew may be injured while others are safe for this turn)
      • If crew member dies, the cause of death will be: "'Burned'"
  • Can be put out:
    • Manually by anyone with an Icon Extinguisher
    • Manually by a Icon Firefighter (with or without extinguisher)
    • Automatically by a Drone firefighter.
    • Automatically with 25% chance every cycle (including the cycle the fire started) with NERON project Sprinklers.

Electrical Spikes

  • Damages all equipment (except doors) in the room
  • Injures all team members present for 3 Health Point
    • If crew member dies, the cause of death will be: "'Electrocuted'"


Some disorders and diseases occur spontaneously.


Death By Morale

  • If your Morale reaches 0, you will die within the next cycle and the cause of death will be: "'You put an end to it all'"
    • If you somehow get your Morale up before cycle change, you will not die.
  • Not having good Morale can be deadly, and can be exploited by the Icon Mush.

Witnessing Death

  • You have 1 Morale less when a crew member dies. (Unless the death is due to Depression, then there is no morale loss.)
  • Chance of illness when you are in the same room with the crew member who just died.

Panic Attacks

  • Random event that takes 3 Morale away from a crew member.


Traits are personal characteristics that individual characters have that affect the game-play, and strategy. Not all characters have traits, and not all traits are positive.

  • Traits such as:
    • Icon Germaphobe - Icon Finola You lose 1 Morale for every cycle you remain Icon Dirty. You're also banned from stroking Icon Schrödinger.
    • Icon Antisocial - Icon Raluca At the start of each cycle, if the antisocial player is in a room containing another crewmember, they'll lose 1 Morale.


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Day Change