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Communications with Sol provide rich and powerful bonuses.

The Comms Center is located on the Bridge and accessible by everyone. Anyone may view the current progress, look at the current Trade Offers on the Shortwave Radio, and help establish the link to Sol. But everything else is reserved solely to the Icon Communications Officer, which makes this title a rather large responsibility. Even the Icon Hacker Kit cannnot override these restrictions.

The Antenna in the Engine Room influences communications:

  • If it is down, all actions cost 1 Action Point more.
  • If it is enhanced by the NERON project Spatial Wave Radar, the chances of making a connection with Sol are doubled.
Infoicon.png All long-range Communications work requires establishing a connection first.

For trading with local transporters via radio, see trading.

Establish Contact

Establishing contact with Sol is the prerequisite for everything else.

This simple action can be performed by any member of the crew for 2 Action Point or 1 IT Point, and should be attempted by everyone at the start of the ship (but only once everyone has joined). The first time it succeeds, every already awoken crew member is granted +3 Morale. (NERON will announce: "Rebel networks: connection established… Health implication: team morale boost.")

This action will improve the signal quality, then attempt to connnect with Sol.The signal starts at 0% at the beginning of the game. Each failed attempt increases the signal strength by 4% without boosts, by 6% in the presence of a Icon Radio Expert, or by 8% if you are a Radio Expert. The probability of the connection being established is then equal to the signal quality. For example, if the signal quality is 32%, you have 32% chances of the connection being established. While the contact is established, this button is replaced by a "connection established" symbol.

The signal may drop:

  • If you use the Icon Microwave.
  • By random chance (low signal strength makes this more likely).
  • By uncovering one of two bad Xyloph DB entries.
  • If the communications panel is broken for any reason.

Upgrade NERON Version

Neron large.png
The Icon Communications Officer is able to upgrade NERON's version. Each successful upgrade will complete a random NERON Project.

Each participation costs 2 Action Point (or 1 IT Point if they have the IT Expert skill) and will further the upgrade progress.

(A connection to Sol is required to update.)

  • Each Participation contributes a random amount, with the maximum generally decreasing at higher version levels.
  • The first upgrade can take as little as 2 Participations (50% each time), but uprgrades can also "fail" and yield only 1%.
  • The project completed can only be one that has not previously appeared in the Nexus.
  • If all projects have already been offered in the Heart of Neron, upgrading will do nothing
  • The Version number starts at v1.00
    • The Decimal place depicts the current update progress.
    • If you complete more than 9 updates, the version number will change to v1.000, then v1.100 etc.

Icon Note: It is recommended to complete 2-3 Neron Upgrades before decoding any Xyloph DB entries, as one of these progresses the Upgrade by 25%, which is worth a lot more Action Point on higher versions.

Xyloph Database

Xyloph complete.png
Allows you to access information left at the home port of the Daedalus, or whatever is left of it...
Every time an entry is successfully decoded, a new advantage is unlocked (workshop plans, information on Mush, etc.).

2 Action Point or 1 IT Point decodes one Xyloph DB entry at random.

Xyloph DB Access the Lost NERON Database
Some of Janice's research findings from Xyloph-17 are added to NERON's memory.
Advances the NERON update progress by 25%
Xyloph DB Corrupted Data
There's nothing there... The data has been corrupted by a rhizomal virus.
Xyloph DB Wireless Infidelity
The connection is bad... really bad, no doubt due to the massive magnetite cloud you're currently crossing.
Causes com link failure and a significant decrease in signal quality. Icon Note: around 20% decrease
Xyloph DB Zhong Chun's Genome Codex
Ghost Chun
Zhong Chun is the only human who has proved immune to the Mush infection, and the analysis of her genome is the key to developing and anti-Mush vaccine as well as several other pieces of research.
Adds a "ghost" to Zhong Chun's laboratory interface which is the equivalent of her being there in person.
Icon Note: This Xyloph entry is only available if Icon Chun has been decryogenized.
Xyloph DB Workshop Manuals
Here are multiple plans for basic tools aboard the Daedalus if we dismantle one or two surplus pieces of kit we should have enough materials to build them.
Tabulatrix prints 3x Plans
Icon Note: Exact Icon Blueprints vary.
Xyloph DB Contact established with Kivanç Terzi!
You have established contact with Kivanç Terzi, who united a large part of the rebellion in the Sol system. His help will be vital in decoding messages from rebel bases.
Gives a 100% bonus on decoding rebel base transmissions. Paola earns 8 Glory
Icon Bug: Despite the ingame description, and this being Paola's personal objective, any acting Comms Officer will earn the glory.
Xyloph DB Contact made with Nils Carlsson!
Ghost Sample
You have re-established contact with Nils Carlsson, whose help with your lab research will be invaluable.
Communication with Nils will replace a Test Sample in the research module.
Xyloph DB Finola's Lost Research
The anti-Mush research carried out by Finola was completed after the departure of the Daedalus. The findings were sent to the tabulatrix, and by reading them, you'll know the status of infection aboard the Daedalus from day 1!
Tabulatrix prints the current crew infection status report
Icon Note: The list will usually clear at least one or two crew members, occasionally more. However it is entirely possible that no names will be cleared by this.
Xyloph DB Roger's Kitchenary 2830
You find a file containing dozens of recipes. Lots of recipes. Lots and lots of recipes.
Gives the impression of being an apprentice chef
Icon Note: Tabulatrix prints a Icon Chef Mage Book at the bridge
Xyloph DB Blizzard Documentary...
Your screen is covered in greyish snow, it's giving you a headache, so you give up...
Causes com link failure.
Xyloph DB School Workbooks
Mage Books
You've managed to get your hands on the Teaching centre archive from Xyloph! This intellectual treasure should help you educate your dumbwitted crewmates.
Tabulatrix prints 2x Workbooks
Icon Note: Icon Mage Books printed will vary
Xyloph DB Genome Data
This disk contains a wealth of information on the Mush genome collected by Ian Soulton just before the departure of the Daedalus.
Supplies the disk containing data on the Mush genome

The DB entries appear in the comms panel in the following locations:

Nothing Snow Magnetite Disk
List Ghost Sample Version Kivanc
Cookbook Ghost Chun Mage Books Blueprints

Rebel Bases

Decoding rebel base contacts can give various bonuses to the ship.

Once per day, a rebel base will attempt to contact the Daedalus. This will happen randomly on any cycle - from 1 to 8 and will remain the same for the course of the ship. As long as contact with Sol has been established, NERON will announce when the rebel bases attempt to make contact.

2 Action Point or 1 IT Point makes progress toward decoding the rebel base signal. Once the signal is 100% decoded, it will provide the bonus to the ship. This usually requires 4-5 steps. 2-3 with contact to Kivanc through the Xyloph DB or the Icon Rebel skill, and 2 with both.

If the base is not fully decoded within a certain period of time, or if the Daedalus moves before the signal is decoded, the base will be lost forever and you will not receive that bonus.

Day Image Name Bonus
2 Base01.png WOLF
Lost Children of Wolf
The Lost Children of Wolf installed many antennae on Earth along with a broadcasting station in Mumbai. We will be able to broadcast the news of your odyssey on terrestrial radio. You are heroes.
  • + 8 Glory for the whole crew.
3 Base02.png SIRIUS
Message from the Black Mages of Sirius
We thank you for all the Mush information you have brought to the table. In exchange, we have sent you the plans to the Shkunz molecule. By administering a homeopathic dose to your rations, you should be able to increase your crew's productivity.
  • Rations give an extra 1 Action Point.
4 Base03.png CENTAURI
Message from Centauri Lovers
It was a pleasure to meet the heroes of the anti-Mush war. In our sector, the war to control the colonies is raging. We have sent you the plans for the PL80-Blaster, a powerful plasma cannon which should be handled with care, to facilitate your surface exploration expeditions. Fight to the end!
  • Each Blaster gives 1 extra power point on expeditions.
5 Base04.png KALADAAN
Founders of Kaladaan
Kaladaan here! We thank all members of the Daedalus for giving the hope of a promising future to the people of Sol. Since you left, the resistance has mobilized and we have already managed to infiltrate several Mush administrations. The Federation will soon be overthrown and we will retake control of Sol!
  • Provides 6 Morale to all crew members.
  • Icon Bug: After being decoded, provides a message that crew received only 3 Morale.
6 Base05.png LUYTEN-CETI
Message from Luyen-Ceti Shadows
Our system is still in the grip of Mush. We must carry out our work with the utmost discretion which is why we have developed miniature comms systems implanted directly into our brains. Their plans have been forwarded to you. The Luyten-Ceti Shadows are watching over you.
  • Crew receives status Thinklinked.png Brainsync and allows everyone to communicate without the use of Walkie Talkies or iTrackies. Does not replace the tracker functionality.
7 Base06.png CYGNI
Auroras of Cygni
Message from Auroras of Cygni

We salute the crew of the Daedalus. 61 Cygni was explored during your voyage. The Federation is unaware that the majority of our information came from human sources. We are simulating the transmission of regular information using an adapted Pheromodem. By circumventing the Mush surveillance using this system we are preparing the rebel counter attack, Plans for our SP2SP-230 missile have been transferred to NERON.

  • Patrol ships' damage is increased by one point
  • Provides 3 Morale for all crew members. Icon Confirm: Morale gain still bugged sometimes?

Generally, the bases from days 3, 5 and 7 are considered worthwhile, while the others are optional at best. Many people also consider day 6 (brainsync) to be a worthwhile base to decode, especially on long lasting ships where plants need to be held and ships with many bronze players.