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Sabotage is one of the default Icon Mush actions. All Mush have this action available and no skill is required to unlock it.

This action receives a passive bonus from the mush skill Icon Saboteur, which doubles its chance of success.


Breaks the targeted equipment.
This action is Icon Secret. It will be revealed by Cameras and Crew and that includes those on your side.


  • As the number of broken items shows up in the alerts, and many of them (everything except doors) would be accompanied by a NERON announcement when breaking spontaneously, using sabotage around competent players is an easy way of being revealed as a Mush. You should always weigh the likeliness of detection against possible gains - which rarely makes it worthwhile.
  • If you do sabotage things, do so within seconds of a cycle change to mask them as spontaneous breakages. Things breaking in the middle of a cycle are a dead giveaway of sabotaging Mush, which are then easy to track down.
    • Doing this becomes less risky in later days, when several things tend to break every cycle, and are also broken without announcements by fires and electrical spikes.
  • As with repairing, failed attempts are Icon Private and thus not visible to others (except through Icon Premonition or Icon Torturer).
    • This means sabotaging a lone Icon Camera will not show in the logs until it succeeds, at which point the camera is unable to record it. (Perceptive players may still notice the lack of a respective announcement, though!)
  • Sabotage does become more useful if you happen to be the NERON Administrator, in which case you can create fake breakage announcements (through careful use of the /neron command) to go with your sabotage. On the flip side, this requires you to tell the crew exactly what it is that you broke.

Sabotage Targets

Objects that can be sabotaged by Mush.

Image Name Room Sabotage chance
Repair chance
Astro.jpg AstroTerminal Bridge 12% 12%
Command.jpg Command Terminal Bridge 12% 12%
Com.jpg Comms Center Bridge 6% 12%
Fuel 1.jpg Fuel Tank Rear Alpha Storage and Rear Bravo Storage 25% 25%
Oxygen 1.jpg Oxygen Tank Center Alpha Storage and Center Bravo Storage 25% 25%
Doorcamera.png Camera 25% 25%
Core.jpg NERON's Core Nexus 6% 6%
Bios.jpg BIOS Terminal Nexus 3% 3%
Surgery.jpg Surgery Pod Medlab 12% 12%
Patrol.jpg Patrol Ship Alpha Bay (x3), Alpha Bay 2 (x1), Bravo Bay (x3) 25% 24%
Gravity.jpg Gravity Simulator Laboratory 6% 6%
Mycoscan installed.jpg Mycoscan
Unlocked by Research project Mycoscan
Laboratory 12% 12%
Research lab.jpg Research Lab Laboratory 6% 6%
Sofa.jpg Icon Swedish Sofa 25% 25%
Printer.jpg Icon Tabulatrix 12% 12%