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There are a few tools already available and no doubt more coming before too long. Here are some of the helpful tools that we've been given so far.

Scripts and Plugins

AstroPad (Original site)

  • Helps to keep track of items scattered throughout the ship. Should be updated everytime someone enters a room. Best if used by the whole crew.
  • The collected date can also be converted into formatted text, to share it with your crew members.

Mush Helper Script

  • This script helps to format text for the chat. It also includes many icons, which you can use for your text´s.


  • This script has a Message Manager, changes the interface, it reduces lags of the game and many more.

Casting Dashboard

  • The script slightly changes the casting dashboard UI
    • Sort members by their statuses: ready, not ready, in game
    • Adds certain statistics: amount of actual players, percentage of gained experience for a casting's level-up, etc.

Mush Profile Analyzer

  • The script adds some statistics to a player's profile:
    • Flights played, average life expectance, average glory, average in-flight progress (researches, projects, planets/expos etc)
    • Days played with each character
    • Death reasons