Jar of Alien Oil

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Jar of Alien Oil
Jar of Alien Oil This item is an alien artifact gained from planet exploration.
In-game Description Effects of Consumption
This fan-bloody-tastic oil is not content just to heal your injuries, it can also be used to fuel the Daedalus reactor!
  • Heals 100% of injuries.
  • Can be inserted into a reservoir to gain 5 fuel units.
Heals Health Point to maximum and heals injuries.

1 x Exploration: Artefact event

When consumed, shows the following text:

[name] is surrounded by a glowing aura. Magnificent iridescent blue tentacles surround his/her body. The light is blinding. His/Her injuries are entirely healed!

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List of attributes

  • This item is a consumable; it can be used or ingested to gain its effects.
  • This item enables a new action.
  • This item is an Alien Artefact Alien Artefact discovered via planet exploration.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
Not entirely fluid, not entirely solid, its viscosity has no equal save its powerful odor.