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The item page system is online! Now, the menial peon labor of populating all these pages is ahead of us trusty wiki editors. Thankfully, it's not actually all that hard at all! In fact, it's so easy I could summarize it in 7 steps. And 7 is a lucky number, after all!

Quick reference links

Reference that will be needed when creating new item pages.

How to make a new item page

Skeleton page (spooky)

Icon Note: This is the highest priority! Finishing and adding detailed information can come later; what matters the most is that every page exists in its skeleton form so that we can rewrite the Inventory page and make it fancy and cool. For starters, don't bother doing anything but this!

Setting up a basic skeleton item page is easy as π:

  1. Read the Item Attributes template documentation to understand what these fields in Template:Item Attributes mean.
        • Booleans are either yes or no; written in lowercase. No other values are accepted, they will break things.
        • Most fields marked Skippable, and many have default values. If the item doesn't deviate from these defaults, or the field does not apply to it (such as Weapon Damage for a non-weapon), remove the field from the list completely! This is important!
        • If you're unsure about what to put in a field, but you know it should have some content, keep it in the list, but empty so that any following editors can easily fill it in.
          • Exceptions are Repair Chance and Dismantle Chance; if you know these can be repaired/dismantled, but don't know the percentage, write down ??%. This will, at least, mark the item as breakable/dismantleable.
  2. Check out the source code of an existing, finished item page like Icon Anti-Grav Scooter, Icon Lenses, Icon Alien Bottle Opener etc.
  3. Pick an unfinished page from the below list of items.
  4. Paste the Item page skeleton into the page.
  5. Fill out the Item Attributes template using the following sources of information:
    • The Inventory page
    • If available, groomsh's screenshots
    • Existing item pages
    • Mush
    • Your brain
  6.  ???
  7. Profit!

Once you've performed steps 1-2 to your heart's content, you can continue to repeat steps 3-7 for many many items. That's 30% less steps you have to take per item!!

In-depth information

Writing an item page is a lot like writing a Skill page, so a lot of information from the Skill page guidelines applies here as well.

Head rule: Look at existing examples and write similar things!

Full list of items

These are most, if not all items in Mush. Each of them will need a page of its very own! A bunch have already been created, others have had screenshots inserted into them for reference (courtesy of the lovely groomsh), yet others are completely empty. That's where you come in!

Categories finished so far: Gear, Exploration, Tools, Weapons

Items marked ☑ have had a basic skeleton finished. Items marked ✔ have substantial amounts of content added to them.

Right now, the priority is to finish basic skeletons for every item!