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In-game Description Maintenance Stats
An old bar of Ethereal Nether. It'll be there in your shower of need.
  • Washing yourself costs 1AP less

1 x Found in Storage

The Soap is a very useful item which reduces the Action Point cost of showering, making it easier to avoid being Icon Dirty and thus avoiding suspicion.

Via Research it can be upgraded to the Icon Super Soaper, additionally cleansing those who shower of a Icon Spore.

Affected actions

2 Action Point Wash (Shower)

  • Reduces Action Point cost by 1.

2 Action Point Participate (Research Lab)

Affected items

List of attributes

  • This item can be fully destroyed when exposed to Icon fire.
  • This item grants a passive benefit when held.
  • This item is used in the construction of Icon Blueprints.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
Some people should really get involved with this stuff