Super Soaper

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Super Soaper
Super Soaper
In-game Description Maintenance Stats
Super Soaper is a revolutionary product in the fight against mush.
  • The Wash action costs 1 Action Point less AND removes a Icon Spore!

1 x Researching Mushicide Soap

The Super Soaper is an upgrade to the Icon Soap which can be attained by researching Mushicide Soap.

Like the regular soap, it reduces the Action Point cost of showering, which helps when Icon Dirty. But it also removes a Icon Spore when washing, making it a painless (albeit destructible) alternative to the Icon Spore Sucker.

Affected actions

2 Action Point Wash (Shower)

  • Reduces Action Point cost by 1.
  • Removes 1 Icon Spore per action.

Icon Bug: As of March 15th, 2015 there is a confirmed bug which will remove a spore if the super soaper is in the shelving unit and not in a player's inventory when they shower

List of attributes

  • This item can be fully destroyed when exposed to Icon fire.
  • This item grants a passive benefit when held.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
The future of humanity will either be clean or it will not be.