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In-game Description Maintenance Stats
On expeditions, the rope allows you to get out of an impass.
  • Expedition : Removes possibility of personal damage which could hapen in "Seismic", "Grotto" and "Mountain" areas, but does not prevent sudden deaths.

This item is breakable and can be repaired. Repair:


This item can be dismantled by Technicians.Dismantle:

Dismantles into:



2 x Found in Storage

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List of attributes

  • This item is can become Icon Broken, requiring repairs before it can be used again.
  • This item can be broken (rather than destroyed) when exposed to by Icon fire.
  • This item grants a passive benefit when brought along on planetary exploration.
  • This item is stackable.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
Looking at the probability statistics of what one would conceivably find aboard the Daedalus, the rope got zero. However...