Fuel Capsule

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Fuel Capsule
Fuel Capsule
In-game Description Maintenance Stats
The Fuel Capsule is used to transfer fuel from the fuel tank to the ship's engines
  • Contains 1 unit of fuel

1 x Retrieving from Fuel Tank
1 x Opening Icon Space Capsule

Each Fuel Capsule contains 1 Fuel.
They cannot be placed upon a shelf, unless the holder dies, mutates, or finds one in a Icon Space Capsule while having a full inventory. Normally they can only be retrieved from the Fuel Tanks in the rear storage rooms, and filled back in there or into the Combustion Chamber, all of which costs no Action Point.

List of attributes

  • This item cannot be dropped.
  • This item is used in the construction of Icon Blueprints.
  • When examined, this item displays the following text:
Can be filled with fuel in order to transfer it to the combustion chamber.