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In-game Description Effects of Consumption
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1 x Produced by adult, healthy, watered Icon Pulminagro each Cycle 1
1 x Exploration: Harvest event
1 x Found in Refectory on Day 1 (episode setting)

Ploshmina are fruits produced by each adult Icon Pulminagro at the beginning of Cycle 1, provided that it is not Plant diseased.png Diseased, Plant thirsty.png Thirsty or Plant dry.png Dried Out.

A Ploshmina can be consumed and has effects, which are randomized from one ship to another. See Alien Fruit Effects

A Ploshmina can also be planted in an empty Icon HydroPot: it will immediately create a Plant youngling.pngYoung Pulminagro, which will eventually grow and make its own daily production.

  • This is only recommended if a botanist confirms that the fruit effects for this ship are particularly good.

As all other perishable consumables, if the FoodStuff Destruction setting on the BIOS is turned ON, the Ploshminas will be destroyed on day change (as with all other fruits, they are produced after NERON destroys the food from the day before).

New actions

2 Action Point / 1 Gardening Point Plant

  • Requires: Empty Icon HydroPot (can't be on inventory)
  • Target: Ploshmina
  • Effect: Uses a Ploshmina to create a Plant youngling.pngYoung Icon Pulminagro on the HydroPot
  • Affected by: Icon Botanist
  • Icon Public log: [Character] sets about reproducing a plant created by the Pulminagro. Congratulations! The young plant is in perfect health.

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