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Goals for Humans

The mission of the crew is to save humanity from the onslaught of Icon The Mush, which can be achieved in two primary ways.

Icon Note: Ending the game while there are Mush alive among the crew will result in a Mush victory and Glory loss for humanity.

Return to Sol

The easier option is to return the Daedalus to Sol to rejoin the human rebels in their fight against the Mush, hopefully with some helpful research in your pockets. This only requires the ship's main drive, the PILGRED Reactor, to be repaired, which will enable the Icon Commander to steer the ship back home. - After the elimination of all Icon Mush agents, of course.

PILGRED can be found in the Engine Room at the rear of the ship and repairs are mainly performed by Icon Raluca. For best efficiency, Icon Technician characters (or anyone, if Technicians aren't available) should reset Raluca's progress regularly. Once PILGRED is repaired, the Return to Sol action is unlocked in the Command Terminal.

For a generous Glory boost, the cure to Mush infection aka Icon Retro-Fungal Serum must have been researched when the ship sets sail for home. The Serum can be created by conducting Research in the Laboratory. In addition to Icon Mush Sample and Icon Zhong Chun's presence in the lab, researching the Serum requires presence of the Icon Mush Genome Disk and a dead Mush as a sample.

Any other completed anti-Mush research gives bonus Glory upon returning to Sol as well.

Escape to Eden

The vastly more difficult, but also vastly more Glory-prestiguous option is to colonize a new utopian world named Eden as a new base fo humanity. This also requires the repairs of the PILGRED Reactor, but the crew must also triangulate the position of the wondrous world using three Starmap Fragments.

When doing Expeditions, the crew can discover rare alien artifacts; among them the Icon Starmap Fragments. Researching these enables the construction of the Calculator in the Nexus which, if used with 3 of the Starmap Fragments, reveals the location of Eden and enables the ship to navigate there, assuming the PILGRED reactor is repaired.

Having the time for all that on top of everything else, however, requires exceptional teamwork and coordination from the crew, as well as being successful at Mush Hunting. Having a Icon Diplomat or Icon Polyvalent crew member also helps a lot - against the dangers of meeting alien species, and to increase the chance of recovering Starmap Fragments from Cristalite zones.

Goals for Mush

Humans are so weak that you can clearly have fun with them in many ways. It's fun to see them kill each other thinking they have you trapped. Whatever you do, you have two major goals.

Destroy the Daedalus

BOOOM! A beautiful explosion. That's what we love. Bodies floating in space among the debris of the vessel.

Icon The Mush have an instinct for destruction that is insatiable, and there are several possibilities to achieve a beautiful result including contamination, attrition, confusion and good ol' murder.

Infiltration of Sol or Eden

Another way to ensure a Mush triumph is to infiltrate Sol or Eden when by having the Deadalus arrive there with live Mush on board. If you can stay alive and under the radar until the crew finishes PILGRED - or even do this yourself - you can sabotage the crew's ultimate directive by infecting either the Rebellion or the new colony, ensuring their downfall rather than the ultimate eradication of the Mush virus.

Surprise, gentlemen!

A Mush return to Sol is the always looming rush or surprise return, where the Mush themselves - usually Icon Raluca with some help, or Icon Paola with an opportune trade - finish PILGRED and jump the ship towards their waiting friends before the crew knows what is going on.
This is very powerful and should not be ignored by either team.

The fungus among us

The high art of Icon Mush infiltration, and definitely the required path to infiltrate Eden, is to make the crew believe they have won and are free of Mush. Besides good mimickry, this requires one or more beta Mush so at least two "Alphas" can be killed, the use of Icon Anonymush on the surviviors, and an infected or dead Icon Eleesha.
Of course, the ship being in such a dire situation that the humans are forced to just gamble and hope they got every Mush can help as well.