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Mush is an interstellar survival game. Unlike Motion Twin's other survival game, Die2Nite, there is a heavy emphasis on coordination and teamwork between all members on the Human and Mush teams. Survival is accomplished via doing assorted tasks on the ship that will be useful to your teammates. The more survivors you have on your team, the easier it gets!

The plot is simple: Alien parasites have invaded Earth, and worst yet, they have covertly taken over the Earth government and are trying to wipe humanity from the Universe. 16 desperate humans escape in an experimental ship to try and save Humanity from Icon The Mush, but some are already infected...

Game Overview


More info Main article: Human Play. More info Main article: Mush Play.

There are two teams of players on the ship. Humans who are trying to save Humanity, and Icon Mush who are trying to destroy them all. All 16 characters start out as humans in cryosleep, and awaken as fellow Twinoid players choose who they will portray and begin playing the game. Once everyone has woken up, the game starts with two randomly chosen crewmates becoming Mush. (The only person that cannot be chosen as an 'Alpha Mush' is Icon Chun, because she is immune.)

Bascially the human team will try to keep the ship flying and find the Mush through communication and teamwork, while the Mush do their best to do as much damage as possible, including turning more people to their side. Besides, every character including the Mush earns Glory Glory for different actions, which will result in a ranking of (debatable) "importance" by Glory at the end of the game.

Human Goals:

  • Find and destroy ALL Mush that are on the ship.
  • Study the Mush and create the Anti-Mush Serum (to help with the above and gain glory).
  • Either return to Sol without Mush, or escape to Eden and start Humanity from scratch.

Mush goals:

  • Kill or infect all Humans, e.g. by destroying the ship
  • Alternatively, survive to the end to ensure the infection of Sol or Eden


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The most important tool you have while playing this game is communication. The tool used for this is the chat box. It appears to the right of your screen. Be sure to keep an eye on it to coordinate with your fellow crew! Mush have their own private secondary channel which is only visible to them, unless a special research allows access to the Human crew. Favorited threads for important topics will show up in their own tab. You can also have up to 3 private discussion tabs open at any time. Each private discussion tab can have any number of participants, but only they will be able to see what is said. Use the tabs at the top of the chat box to navigate between different sections of the chat.

Ship Stats to Monitor

More info Main article: Resources.

The following things are required for the ship to do well. Running low on those is usually bad, and possibly ends the game for all people playing!

  • Armor Icon Armor, or hull integrity, is the shield icon at the top of the screen. If this reaches zero, the ship will be destroyed. Usually lowered by Hunters attacking the ship, but also by fires or untrained pilots. The crew can use scrap metal to restore integrity.
  • Oxygen Icon Oxygen Level is listed at the top of the screen, representing the amount of O2 left in the Alpha and Bravo Central Storage oxygen tanks. When this is at zero, one crewmate dies every cycle from asphyxia (or depletes an Icon Oxygen Capsule if they are holding one). Oxygen is created by plants and can be found while exploring planets.
  • Food Icon Food: should be kept in the refectory. Humans not eating or drinking for too long (3+ days) causes them starvation damage. On the other hand, food is a valuable Action Point source when they are required for important and time-critical tasks like Piloting. To prevent food shortage, do not just eat unless your character has the "hungry" icon, and only cook food right before eating it to prevent spoilage. Food can be found while exploring.
  • Fuel Icon Fuel Reserves are listed at the top of the screen. They are kept in tanks in the Alpha and Bravo Rear Storage rooms. Fuel is required to move in order to escape hunters or find resources. Fuel can be found while exploring.

Individual Stats to Monitor

More info Main article: Health. More info Main article: Player_Resources.

  • Action Point Action Points are your most valuable resource, as they allow you to do things. Think before you spend those. (See 'Actions')
  • Movement Point Movement Points are like action points, but specifically for moving from one room to another.
  • Health Point Health Points show how much damage you have taken. If you run out of health, you die. Health is lost by attacks from other crew members, room events like falling metal, exploration events, hurting yourself during actions in the ship (including failures at things like repairing equipment), fires, starvation, and certain illnesses.
  • Morale Morale Points show how well you are dealing with events on the ship mentally. If you run out of morale, you die by suicide. Morale is lost by passing time, crew deaths, eating uncooked/frozen food and random or Mush-induced panic attacks. Morale can be restored by a Icon Shrink or an inspiring Icon Leader, and through various positive events.
  • Dirty Icon Dirty Status lets you know when your actions have covered you in filth. As opposed to some other Character Statuses, it is shown for everyone to see as an icon over your character's picture. When you get dirty, you can spend 2 Action Point to shower (or 1 Action Point when holding the Soap) in one of the Dorms. This is important because for one, you cannot work at a number of computer terminals when dirty, and secondly because being dirty will make you a Mush suspect. Avoid it by wearing the Icon Stainproof Apron when doing messy work like research, eating, gardening or repairs.

Basic Gameplay Details


More info Main article: Actions.

Actions are events that use up Action Points (Action Point). Every action gets logged in the room for later viewing. However, not everyone can see the log of every action, with some only visible to yourself. Be sure you are familiar with your actions' Privacy Levels before doing them, if there are things you might want to keep a secret.

In general, the actions that you perform and that the crew expects of you will greatly depend on which Character you are playing. Some roles are more defined than others, from dedicated specialists like Icon Paola (who has an important job that only she can do) to generalists like Icon Gioele who can help with just about anything.

Of course the ship's situation is a big factor as well. Things like effective research, defense, NERON projects or going on expeditions to get more oxygen are all important. As is not wasting your energy running back and forth. So plan your actions before you act, ideally with the rest of the crew, as this will make you more effective.

Some actions are "Aggressive" and, when unexplained, may result in the player being attacked in retaliation. They will also cost an additional 2 Action Point if Ian (the Icon Pacifist) is in the room, and cannot be performed when a Diplomat has called a temporary ceasefire.

Icon Mush players have additional actions... most of which you do not want to perform under a camera, or even with people in the room.


More info Main article: Events at Cycle Change.

A new cycle happens every three hours. A new day starts at 1 am, French time. Click to see current game time. Each cycle the following events occur:

  • +1 Action Point, +1 Movement Point
  • +1 Action Point if lying in a bed
  • +1 XP (2 XP If you're playing in Icon Gold Mode)
  • -1 Oxygen Oxygen from the ship's stores (1 more for each tank that is leaking)
  • -1 point of food Satisfaction (usually invisible)

Many more events may happen depending on your character and the situation. Hunters will fire, things can break, fires spread etc. Furthermore, Day Change (between C8 and C1) will result in the daily loss of morale, the replenishment of skill points and new spores to pull for the Mush, among other things.

Game Modes

More info Main article: Game Modes.

There are three overall Game Modes: Icon Bronze, Icon Silver and Icon Gold.

Icon Bronze Mode is the standard non-paying mode in which the game is played. In Bronze Mode, your character will have just one free Skill slot (plus another slot for Icon Mush skills if they are a Mush). There are no extra perks to this mode.

Icon Silver Mode is unlocked by buying Gold Days at least once and it's the mode you'll be in after your Gold Days run out. Gold Days rewarded from competitions do not usually trigger Silver Mode. In Silver Mode, your character will have two skill slots if human, and two additional Mush skill slots if Mush.

Icon Gold Mode is a paid mode of the game, with assorted benefits. To play in Icon Gold Mode, you need to have Gold Days on your account. Gold Days do not count down while you are not on a ship. While you have Gold Days, you cannot play in Icon Bronze Mode or Icon Silver Mode. Gold Mode players have 2 higher maximum Health Point and Morale, and up to 4 Human and Mush skills. Those skills will be retained for the remainder of a ship even after Gold Days run out.